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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Regardless all the abstract distractions, note Pelagianism, "good-evil" heresy, fallacy, has serious, distinct, practical, down-to-earth problems, consequences....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Good-Evil" Heresy (Pelagianism) Has Serious Implications, Consequences
(Apollonian, 22 Nov 16)

Hmmmmmmmmm, well, after reading through all ur text here, we see u still don't say what's criterion for this mythical "good-evil," but u seem to insist nonetheless that it's "good" and/or virtuous to believe in, or defend such "good-evil" notion or imagination, whatever it might be. Isn't this classic question-begging?

And think about this: what's a good dog?--a nice, good doggie-dog is one that's well-trained and obedient, right?--it does just what we want and expect, and we're sooooooo happy. And a bad dog is one not obedient and which fails to act in accord w. our wishes, right?--it's so doggone disappointing then. Doesn't same go for humans? When I was small, I remember how desperate I felt to be thought of as "good," ho ho ho ho.

And don't doubt there are practical, serious considerations for our subject-matter here, including the purpose of dear Christianity--combatting satanism which is extreme subjectivism.

Seems to me u rather fail for the practical consideration of this satanic problem--what's the source and motivation?--don't we see it most actively in our faces?--ever hrd of George Soros? Have u hrd of the "pizza-gate" child-trafficking of the Podesta bros.?--Agenda-21 genocide and "de-population"? Do u think Trump is in serious danger of assassination at hands of these absolutely psychopathic satanists?

And doesn't reason and rationality have to do w. REALITY? So I think I've faced, handled, and answered the pertinent issues in most practical manner, w. sufficient and not excessive ref. to abstractness--which abstractness, I submit, u rather seem to indulge in as something of an escape fm our issue, the reality, use, and application of "good-evil" myth, fallacy, and heresy. But of course, correct me if I'm wrong--give a clear, demonstrable criterion for such "good-evil" if u can, which no one in all history has ever done.

Thus the "freedom" of human will seems quite limited to resolution of emotions w. events of reality and then w. emotions of other humans who are our neighbors, family, and fellow-citizens. Thus we try to predict and calculate events and manage emotions based upon those predictions of ours. Thus there's successful management and incompetent management of such emotions, we valuing success ("pleasure") and seeking to avoid the bad management ("pain")--my philosophy is oriented towards such proper management and understanding.

Virtuous (or "good," but only in metaphoric sense) management then requires acknowledging the dis-utility (as "Austrian" economists would put it) of the childish "good-evil," despite its devilish attractions, esp. for political and psychologic manipulations. "Good-evil" is merely an attractive but dangerous metaphor--dangerous as it too easily is taken too seriously and then mis-used.

And honesty of Christian Holy Spirit requires admitting the truth regarding non-existence of any "good-evil"--it's mere metaphor at best w. no actual referent in reality, even if a lot of childish people want to insist upon it. And when such childish, hubristic people become too over-populated bad things happen as we see presently in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, imminent removal of US Dollar as world reserve currency, hyper-inflation, etc.

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