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Friday, December 2, 2016

Thomas Paine, a magnificent patriot, was surely inspired by Holy Spirit....

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Paine Was Inspired By Holy Spirit, Surely
(Apollonian, 2 Dec 16)

Regarding the blog-author's summary, we observe it begins: "[e]ven if [Thomas] Paine’s argument succeeds, Christianity is not shown to be false." And the summary ends, far too condescendingly and smugly: "...I don’t see much for the Christian to worry about." For a true Christian, truly possessed of Holy Spirit, doesn't "worry."

For there's quite a bit to be concerned about, however, as we see establishment Christianity is thoroughly corrupt and literally OWNED by satanists, using Christianity for purpose, ultimately, of genocide in accord w. Agenda-21 pop. reduction. Just listen to the present Pope of Rome, for example.

Is Christianity "false"?--well, it merely depends upon which basic premise, in accord w. "first philosophy" one chooses (remember first premises can't be "proven"). If one chooses Aristotelian objectivity, our dear Christianity makes excellent sense.

But if one chooses non-objectivity, say subjectivism or full-out mysticism (Platonist "good," for example), then Christianity might be understandably (under the circumstances) rejected as false. And we remind the readers of people who are brought-up in the mentality of satanism and, for example, Judaism.

So Paine's complaints are quite reasonable, esp. in regard to his emphasis upon method and epistemology. Paine merely fails to see to the real substance of the Christian story, the dialectic of Christ vs. the satanists led by Pharisees.

Thus for over two hundred yrs now Paine's quandary, regarding mysticism, is valid for the capture of establishment Christianity. Luckily the Christians are warned fm Christian New Test. text itself of "false prophets," and further, we know simply fm history of establishment persecution of heroes like Martin Luther. And we see even this history regarding Luther is much mis-represented by the establishment figures of his own Church. Do people begin to realize it's nearly impossible to get a copy of Luther's work, "The Jews and their Lies"?

So what are the establishment churches good for?--they preserve the actual stories and that precious record of dialectic btwn Christ and the Pharisees--this is what Paine, and so many of humanity still, over-looked, that full record of that basic dialectic btwn truth and lies. For they cannot fail to admit the triumph of Christ (= truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), as St. Paul reminds us, the resurrection of truth (= Christ), as truth is God and cannot be killed, no matter how hard the Pharisaics try--because even the Pharisees would admit (though they refuse) they can't kill God's (objective) reality. Hence truth ALWAYS comes-back to bite them.

So the true Christian shouldn't worry--as that's what is purpose of Holy Spirit (reason, honesty, integrity), to allay any such worry. But problem remains for the (earthly) fate of humanity who are still soooo complacent in face of satanic ferocity threatening w. such horrendous pop. reduction.

For satanism is real, practical problem, though it isn't complicated, being (a) rejection of objective reality, (b) extreme subjectivism, the subject making himself God, this actually the case of very clever people who make this satanism most practical as in way of collective subjectivism, a difficult thing for gentiles, but much easier, as we see, for Jews, some masons, and surely for a few others too. And even though Paine may overlook the full problem of satanism, yet he makes honest effort for Holy Spirit.

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