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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ZOG's "narrative" about the ISIS "narrative," ho ho ho ho

ZOG's "Battle Of Narrative(s)"
(Apollonian, 20 Sep 16)

ZOG (see now wants to persuade the people it's life-or-death matter to consider the "narrative" of ISIS. But ISIS was created by ZOG, so the ISIS "narrative" is ZOG's "narrative."

ZOG says then Jew S A must not "discriminate" against Muslims, etc., as this would "play into" their (ISIS) "narrative," ho oh ho ho ho.

So observe now that ZOG has created ISIS, ZOG further wants to demand the various political parties and players must fashion rhetoric in accord w. the "narrative" (and "narrative" regarding narrative, ho ho ho).

And "Muslim" immigration is simply invasion, and thus ZOG wants to protect this invasion; that's why they're afraid of "discrimination," the whole purpose then for the new ZOG-ISIS narrative about the "narrative," ho ho ho ho ho ho.

Don't forget it was ZOG and Israel which did 9/11 (see, starting the "war on terror" (hence war on Muslims and Muslim nations, not to mention the enhanced police-state in the West), which led to the refugees, and now the Muslim refugee invasion of West.

So this "narrative" narrative (ho ho ho ho) is just more idiot ZOG lies on top of ZOG lies aimed at the stupid leftists and metro-sexuals to blame and discredit the nationalists and "deplorables," ho ho ho ho. Thus the "narrative" narrative seems quite moronic and desperate on part of psychopaths. There's un-questionably a big false-flag, psy-ops coming--they're starting to going to proverbial "well" a little often now, it seems.

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