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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mr. Goody shows how/why 9/11 had to happen in such hubristic times and circumstances, Mr. Goody making things safe for Jews and satanists....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Mr. Goody Provides Hubristic Conditions For Criminals, satanists, And Crimes Like 9/11
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 16)

Once again we get Mr. Goody babbling and yammering about non-existent "good-evil" at work in 9/11 which happened 15 yrs ago, was done by satanists and Jews (see behind the master fraud at the very top, the central-banking institute, featuring legalized counterfeiting, the US Federal Reserve Bank, who are working for world gov. dictatorship, and who've continued along w. all the latest in Ukraine and Syria, Korea, and S. China Sea. Mr. Goody doesn't have the intelligence to putting 9/11 in full context--but that isn't his purpose.

What is Mr. Goody's object?--to get featured on Mike Rivero's by which he'd get a few people to read and some to ck-in telling him what a wonderful, good, "moral" person he, Mr. Goody, is, but who won't stick around too long when they find-out what an empty, utterly worthless wind-bag Mr. Goody really is, ho ho hoho ho.

So now u see the purpose of 9/11 and how it happened when u realize so many people are such stupid, hubris-filled liars like Mr. Goody who just wants to pretend he's all for what's "good"--it's why he's called and known as Mr. Goody, who also likes to denigrate Christians and Christianity, calling others "hypocrites," thus making Jews and satanists feel so comfortable and confident for perpetrating their crimes, like 9/11.

Thus when a country is full of such scummy hypocrites, liars, and flunkies for Jews and satanists like Mr. Goody, one begins to see how 9/11 is successfully perpetrated. Mr. Goody keeps things safe for Jews and satanists, the perpetrators of 9/11, Jew S A immersed in hubris and "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

For Jews and satanists THRIVE in a culture dominated by such hypocrites, liars, and scum as Mr. Goody, folks, never doubt. Mr. Goody is INTEGRAL part of the general problem, including 9/11, which couldn't have happened without people like Mr. Goody.

Long as there are hypocrites and traitorous, satanistic scum like Mr. Goody, u're going to have more 9/11s, folks.

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  1. Mr. Goody's Sure-Fire Thought Process: Guarantees Success--For Criminals

    Anyone can tell Mr. Goody isn't even vaguely interested in finding-out the basic facts about 9/11 when u consider the simplest method of investigation, using inductive logic: (a) listing all the suspects, then (b) eliminating the least likely and reducing it down to most likely by demanding they explain where they were, what were they doing, and who could verify. (c) Thus we have Jews, Eskimos, Hottentots, and Patagonians. (d) Who now is most likely?--and do they have an alibi?--is it provable?

    CONCLUSION: It's Jews, and there's no alternative--BUT WAIT, the Jews explain very patiently that we can't suspect them as that would be anti-semitic. So doggone it, but that still leaves us in quandary--where did we go wrong? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Such then, above, is the method and conclusion of Mr. Goody who's so careful and dedicated to morality and political-correctness, not to mention total, absolute DEFEAT. We can rely on Mr. Goody, by golly--aren't we lucky to have such person of such sterling character?--it's what makes our nation great, eh? Ho ho ho ho