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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Can such invincible seeming satanism (as hitlery and Jews) possibly, conceivably be stopped or successfully resisted?--maybe, but it won't be easy....

Why Is satanism So . . . Inexorable, Irresistible, Ominous And Terrifying?
(Apollonian, 6 Sep 16)

Satanism: can it be stopped?--perhaps not, even probably not, but why and how? For truly satanism is unquestionably threatening and ominous--why else would a major party like Democrats nominate in such blatant criminal and corrupt fashion such a satanic, psychopathic monster like hitlery Clinton? And note the man fm whom the nomination was stolen, Bernie the Jew Sanders, is now even out stumping for hitlery.

And prospects are not helped when we think of Donald Trump whose daughter not only married a Jew who pushes holohoax, but who actually converted to the filthy religion of Christ-killers (see So we see Jews have become the arbiters of the election as they're arbiters of politics, economics and culture, which has been the case for a horribly long time now, since at least the time of Woodrow Wilson who was extorted to placing the first Jew, Brandeis, on US Sup. ct.

So since Jews rule, we see satanic destruction and perdition, absolute catastrophe in prospect and offing--how did this all come about? Well, the immediate cause and condition is the "money-power" of central-banking (see for expo) which is simply legalized counterfeiting, literally, run by the Jews, their invincible tool and instrument by which these Jews now completely own and control politics, politicians, judges, lawyers, business and industry, the economy, established religion, and hence everything else. It's why Trump's daughter was so willing to marry the kike and convert to the satanic, Talmudic religion, and why Trump himself was willing too.

So how did this satanic horror come about?--simple: over-population of scum, fools, weaklings, inferiors, goons, morons, queers, and retards. For such is the hubris of culture now degenerate after the original and founding generation has succeeded for victory and "prosperity," in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, featuring the CYCLIC theory of history. Thus the following generations didn't have to work and suffer like the original founders; things are too easy, and the result is HUBRIS, the suckers and weakling generations bringing-in the Jews, the Jews now inexorably taking-over, successfully duping the fools and scum of the degenerate inheritor generations. Now the Jews rule even in contempt of the fools and suckers who allowed Jews in.

So we see the biological function of Jews is not only that of parasite, but as the sociologic disease that extinguishes the weaklings, Jews no more "evil" than diseases like leprosy, typhus, or plague--merely feeding on the natural food source provided by stupid, decadent, complacent, and corrupt gentiles, as we see, the hubris-filled inheritor generations of original founders of the American revolution against imperial England.

Thus the hubris of these corrupt scum of present generation is entailed in the putrid moralism of mysticism, Pelagian heresy, and satanism which disguises itself in nominal, ostensive "Christian" style, but really just a hollow shell now, satanism consisting of SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that reality is product of mentality/consciousness, not objective as the original, Christ being TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). For only by the OBJECTIVE reality can there be real truth (= Christ). By means of subjectivism and satanism the fools imagine they're God, creator of reality.

But further, the people, those who can still think independently, must grasp and understand that practical satanism, which derives its power fm stupidity of the masses, consists of a COLLECTIVE, organized satanism--why the Jews are natural leaders as they're always so organized, cohesive, and hence prepared and capable within the degenerate cultural/social circumstances. Jews flatter and deceive the people by means of subjectivism, specifically the child's "good-evil" delusion/fallacy, including especially the perfectly "free" will delusion. Thus the Jews induce and capitalize upon "INFERIORITY complex."

And the masses of weaklings are too easy for the Jews and satanists, including gentile associates (like "free-masons"), to lead by the noses, for as soon as the Jews have instituted central-banking they immediately control the mass-media, education, and entertainment by which to control the minds of the mass legions of goons, suckers, and inferiors.

Ultimately, there's no easy way to solve the satanic and Jew problem. And the only way things can become better for the gentile people, economically and politically, is by means of the reduction-in-numbers of the masses of inferiors among gentiles. Additionally, after the Jews and satanists have taken control of the culture, as we see is the case presently, only a falling-out among the masterminds will afford chances of successful rebellion of the remnant population of gentile survivors.

So that's the way to see Trump, simply as a dissident, leading a minority faction against the dominant faction of Jews and satanists who want "globalist" world gov. w. the goal of "population-reduction" in accord w. the horrific and fearsome "Agenda-21." Thus Trump will perhaps not defeat the dominant faction, but will afford some hope for continued gentile resistance and survival.

Hence the Christian msg to the people must be for their proper education for substance of satanism in way of (extreme) subjectivism given pretext by means of Pelagian heresy ("good-evil" delusion/fallacy), the objective reality of Christ and truth requiring determinist, absolute cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" will but for God's will, and hence no "good-evil." For the root of hubris, esp. for fools and inferiors, is idea one is or can be "good" (Pharisaism, Pelagianism). And unfortunately too many weaklings, fools, suckers, and inferiors are too easily and readily addicted to this obsession w. "good"; many if not most can't entirely get over it.

Such then is the horrific cultural conditions and thus necessity for the prevailing satanism and mysticism, given the condition of over-population of fools, morons, and scum. And the central-banking instrument then is oriented to mental conditioning of these over-populated scum by means of the Jews-media and "education." So Christian patriots and heroes have their work cut-out, but at least the essence of the problem is understood, (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM, root of satanism, given pretext by means of child's fallacious "good-evil" and inferiority-complex.

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