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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Observe the satanic, holographic, virtual reality being set-up for election fraud and vote-rigging in favor of hitlery....

satanic Virtual, Holographic Reality Being Prepared, Pushed By ZOG For Election Fraud
(Apollonian, 31 Aug 16)

Observe the satanic "virtual reality" for vote-rigging and election-fraud that's being readied and implemented by satanic powers fueled and funded by legalized counterfeiters of US Federal Reserve Bank conspiracy (see for expo on fed fraud). For that's ONLY way hitlery Clinton will ever be "elected"--GROSS FRAUD, proven already in case of Bernie Sanders, the Jew, who yet willingly laid-down for it all, even when he knew all about the fraud. That's why Google and Facebook have been intensively censoring in favor of Clinton and against Trump, same w. the Jews-media.

Note the so-called Jewwy "polls" have shown hitlery in "lead" even though truth is Trump is way ahead for voter support in real polling news. And Trump's popularity is well demonstrated by attendance of his rallies in contrast to hitlery rallies which have to pay people to turn-out, ho ho ho.

Next step is Feds now stepping-in to see to the rigging of the vote, ck

Meantime ZOG will continue to plotting for up-coming take-over and election fraud especially in way of diversions, esp. in way of warfare in Syria and Ukraine, perhaps also in S. China Sea or maybe even Korea.

Such then is the plan for ZOG and Jew world order gov. and their holographic reality they seek to present and push upon the over-populated stupid scum of the world, and it certainly could work IF the people allow it. Key to it all is seeing the satanic roots in subjectivism, Pharisaism, perfectly "free" will delusion and "good-evil" fallacy, etc. What is certain is there's horrific economic consequences that are coming and will arrive, regardless of everything, like necessary devaluations and destruction of the various fiat-currencies and central banking systems. Good luck comrades.

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