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Monday, August 29, 2016

What's meaning of hitlery's explicit mentioning/naming of Alexei Jones ('s somewhat desperate measure to insure Jew hegemony/over-lordship....

Naming Of Alexei Jones ( By Hitlery Seeks Insurance Of Jew OverLordship
(Apollonian, 29 Aug 16)

Surely most important thing to know about hitlery's "alt.-right" speech (Thurs. Aug 25) is the explicit naming of Alexei Jones (, for this was a horribly, miserably losing move for her and all-winning for Alexei himself, but also Trump too, for it effectively legitimized Alexei Jones, along w. Trump, for rulership of Jew S A. So it now seems as if Jew powers-at-top have decided to acknowledge the possibility they won't be able to entirely rig the vote to insure election of hitlery--hence the legitimization of Alexei fm the mouth of the monster herself, hitlery.

Legitimization of Alexei only now means the "globalists" will have to take a little more time for their take-over--time now for the "good-Jews" of more nationalist bent to rule for a while as the "left" re-groups forces.

For never forget the basic issue regards the overall satanic rulership; hence this issue necessarily entails Jew overlordship, Jews natural leaders of satanism, esp. by means of Kabbalah (Zohar), not to mention Talmud. Jews want to make sure they're ONLY GAME IN TOWN, u see--thus legitimization of Alexei.

Thus the whole presidential election issue reduces to good-Jew vs. bad-Jew; "good-Jews" being the key notion endorsed by Trump and Jones. "Beyond the pale" for Jew establishment is idea of anti-semitism, the total, complete exclusion of Jews, as for exclusion of psychopaths, criminals, etc.

So I contend this latest amazing development, as we have fm hitlery and her mention of Alexei, is effective announcement hitlery is made to tacitly admit she may well lose the election, everyone knowing ONLY way she'd win is by big-time fix and rigging, as Trump has noted.

And the ONLY possible, practical opposition to this satanism (hence Jews) is the real Christianity, standing for TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all, hence the objective reality as that's ONLY way one has real truth (see Gosp. JOHN 18:38).

Hence the only real Christians are those who TOTALLY oppose Jews and Judaism, the essence of satanism, satanism defined and understood as extreme subjectivism, Jews the natural leaders of such satanism as Jews are most organized, most collectivist.

For note the West was always healthy, vibrant, and productively growing in all reason, logic, and science, long as it abhorred Judaism, Jews most practical satanists--which thorough-going anti-semitism was replaced w. anti-Christianity around time of French Revolution, as we know, Rothschild bankers emerging as strongest cultural and economic force after Napoleonic wars, Marxist manifesto subsequently arising in 1848, etc. So don't doubt Alexei Jones is simply an interjection, strategic "deflection," meant for the furtherance of satanism and Jew rulership/hegemony.

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