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Friday, August 5, 2016

At this pt., the greater the horror and tribulation, the better it is (ironically) for the Christian anti-satanic, anti-semitic msg....

Ever-Greater Catastrophe Provides Ever-Greater Ground For Patriot Revival, Success
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 16)

"Someone commented that america is a plantation of slaves, but i think it is a plantation of cannibals."

I just now got above quoted response to my article at And I thought about it, and concluded as to what an outstanding observation it really is. For yes indeed, a degenerating and declining "culture" or civilization takes on that very sort of nature--fm slaves to cannibals--no less than in Bolshevik Russia as the Soviet gov. degenerated fm Lenin through the Stalinist years, becoming evermore ruthless and murderous. Thus for example, Stalin's enforcers succeeded one another for viciousness and treachery, fm Yagoda, to Yeshov, to Beria.

For it's the nature of dictatorship to always needing an emergency to justifying evermore power--it eventually must destroy itself. And we see present UN and Jew world order (JWO) pushing agenda-21 "depopulation" genocide--on-going in way of poison "chem-trails," toxic vaccines, and the cancer-inducing glyphosates, along w. depleted uranium being spread throughout the middle-east and anywhere NATO bombs people. Don't forget the GMO foods and poisonous food additives, MSG, bisphenol A, aspartame, HFCS, etc. Imagine then how things have to be for the masterminds at the top w. world population at, what?--7 billion? So they want to reduce things down to half a billion, according to the "Georgia Guidestones"?

So imagine u're one of the masterminds at the top (they still may use some gentiles for the various purposes) as the gentile population is steadily mass-murdered. Don't u think u'd get evermore nervous as the number of gentiles goes down, down, down? Wouldn't it be simply inevitable one would suspect a double-cross at some pt.?--why not? For as the number of gentiles is reduced, why wouldn't the number of master-minds at the top be similarly subject to reduction? Is there any "honor among thieves"?--or murderers?

And we know the Jews, at least some of them, need slaves ("Shabbat goyim"), so isn't it inevitable there'd be a clash among those who want to keep some gentiles alive versus the ones who would totally annihilate all gentiles? And then isn't that sort of clash that's going-on right now w. Trump vs. the majority faction of JWO masterminds?

So yes, absolutely: there would inexorably come a pt. in the CYCLIC process of things where the slaves would become cannibals, un-questionably, indubitably--at least some of the slaves would do that in order to get ahead or to survive within the ever-greater chaos and degeneration.

Thus I say the time is ripe to inform the people of the REAL Christianity, worship of truth, enemy of lies and satanism, hence the subjectivism upon which lies are necessarily based. All we can do is to trying our best, and regardless, as the casualties mount within the growing chaos, anarchy, and catastrophe, an ever-greater percentage of folks among the surviving remnants will begin to hear what we're saying.

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