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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Nature of 9/11 crime is that it's specific part of larger satanic conspiracy, and Trump surely provides fundamental thematic contrast in principle to hitlery, "Americanism" vs. globalism....

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Mr. Goody Is Problem, As I've Demonstrated Extensively, In Detail
(Apollonian, 14 Sep 16)

"There is a ridiculous "election" going on in this nation right now that is devoid of anything that matters to the average person." -fm 5th para., above, by Mr. Goody (see link, above, top).

Here's (above quote) just another lie of urs, Mr. Goody, for hitlery represents the Jew world order, following Jew, George Soros, hitlery the colleague and successor to Obola, Trump, on the contrary, who says, "Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo." This, foregoing, contrast is THEMATIC, Mr. Goody; didn't u know? But u can cover ur lie in this instance by means of ur moronic ignorance, right? Then again, Trump is wildly popular for serious number of people, even among significant portion of minorities.

For it is true, on other hand, Trump remains big fan of kikes of Israel, both of them competing to pretend who's more for mass-murdering Israeli terror-state.

But all throughout ur LONG blog article on 9/11 we are consistently peppered w. ur assertion of "good-evil," right?

At same time, u want to pretend to invoking science, even recommending vids on the bldg. demolitions. So what about simple logic and induction: "Once u eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth" -Sherlock Holmes.

So can Jews be "eliminated"?--of course not, but u won't go there, eh, Mr. Goody?

For then u'll say, but golly, surely not all kikes are involved? But then look at their religion ( which is collectivistic for ideal--the ideal of WAR AGAINST HUMANITY. So kikes will NEVER finger kikes, unless it's a particular Jew (like Bernie Madoff, eh?), and then they'll always add, "but Jews in general are ok"--which is a lie (again, just ck their Talmud).

And u can't face-up to essence of Jew and satanism which is subjectivism--why?--and it's because subjectivism is also the essence of ur sort of righteousness. And it's precisely that righteousness and subjectivism u want to cover-up as it's root of ur moralistic pretence to virtue.

And of course, ur enemy and target is Christians/Christianity, hypocrite like u calling them "hypocrites," when u know nothing about Christianity--or "good."

So, U'RE THE PROBLEM, Mr. Goody, traitor, liar, hypocrite, Pharisaic anti-Christ pretending to "good," etc., and I've made this clear for u, Mr. Goody--just ck my numerous expositions over last dozen or so comments in ur last dozen blogs, buddy. Do u really think u fool anyone? Ho ho ho ho

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