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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Fundamental concepts being overlooked....

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Face-Up To Real Cultural Conflict: Subjectivism Vs. Objectivity
(Apollonian, 10 May 17)

Noah, buddy: we're prisoners of TRUSTS, monopolies, cartels--just like the car insurance was forced upon drivers decades ago. And now the soc. media are enforcing PC, "Soc. Justice," censorship, etc., on Twitter, Jew-tube, and farce-book ( too)--don't u get it?--the "NGOs," in form of corporations which now dominate mere nations (as in that old Wm. Holden movie, "Network").

And note how all of it, "corporatism," follows fm the central-banking trust/monopoly/cartel, exclusive right to legally counterfeiting the currency--central-bank the lead trust/monopoly/cartel, corporation--simply a criminal, satanic enterprise. It was all inevitable fm 1865, never doubt--and the onset of Immanuel Kant fm 18th cent.

But further, and most of all, note it's literally SATANISM which is taking-over, satanism being the extreme form of subjectivism by which mind/consciousness poses as creator of reality, satanism a more organized, collectivistic form of this otherwise psychotic thought-pattern. Christianity was and still is the traditional defense of the culture and people, and it's this basic clash/conflict of founding principle which is at issue: subjectivism/satanism vs. the objective determinist (no perfectly "free" will).

U gotta face up to this huge cultural problem. Satan himself may not exist, but satanism un-questionably not only exists, but presently DOMINATES and rules. People gotta open their eyes to save their lives.

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noah • 2 hours ago

"Under the Ryan proposal, if you don't have health care, once you do get it, your insurance carrier can bill you 3,000 dollars a year over and above your premiums for each year you didn't have it."

Huh? Wonder how and why they came up with $3k as a magic number for.... what's that for, exactly?

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