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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trump's problems are all self-inflicted when he put his interests in hands of Jews, promising to serve Israel--and now look how Jews are serving him, the fool....

Ajax Jewns (, Neo-Cons, Rinos Flustered Over Trump's Inevitable, Continuing Flops, Floundering
(Apollonian, 17 May 17)

Ajax Jewns (, Jewwy flunkey, was in fine style, riding high yest., 15 May 17, on his show (see when a call came in at 2 hrs 15 mins into the show (see link), asking why doesn't Trump stop w. all the "chem-trails"? Jewns then starts stuttering about, making excuses for his Jewwy hero, Trump. Jewns and his buddies, Roger Stone and Mike Cernovich, soon enough, during the show, start into agitation against Reince Priebus, Trump's Chief of Staff, talking about how Priebus is subverting and betraying the Pres.

But the simple fact is Trump merely gets what he asked for, Trump, after all, mere flunkey and servant for Jews, as he's effectively admitted, proven by his idiot, totally, grossly illegal "tomahawk" stike on Syria, at behest of Israel, and despite the brilliant campaign lie about "America first." So when Trump defers to the Jews, it isn't Priebus's fault that Trump falters and is made to look the fool. And of course the "chem-trails" continue, as that's the "program" deep-state and Jews have put in place, and the Jew masters of Trump see to it that it, the "chem-trailing" continues.

Meantime, of course, Jew S A and Trump continues to serve Israel in the middle east, continuing to aid terrorists fighting against the Russian-assisted Syrian, Assad gov., Trump lying, babbling about "terrorism," when all the terrorism is done by MOSSAD and Jew S A, NATO, etc.

So the people have excellent opportunity to taking note of things regarding the complete and continuing Jew hi-jacking of US gov. and policy, Israel in perfect co-ordination w. rest of "deep-state," Trump doing what he's told, even as he looks the fool, as he deserves. For Trump doesn't oppose deep-state or "globalists" as he sucks-along w. Jews.

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  1. satanists/Jews Still Aiming, Want To Kill Mighty I-Net

    Ho ho ho ho--today, 17 May 17 Hannity monologue (see, he says there are 5 groups aligned against Trump, media, Dems, Deep state, never trumpers, and neo-cons, but NOT KIKES, o ho ho ho ho--and that's all Trump cares about. But problem is kikes will sell him out--like they've done w. Mueller, former FBI head now appointed spec. prosecutor by the moron, Sessions, ho o ho ho ho. "Deep state" continues to play w. Trump and voters like cat w. mouse.

    Additionally, it's reported Trump's son-in-law, Kushner, met w. Russkies, and didn't tell Trump. Finally, one last little tid-bit: remember Seth Rich, the DNC staffer shot in the back, but nothing taken fm him?--he evidently was leaking to Wikileaks. So was he killed for such leaking?--quite possibly--and now we see what Trump is up against, facing same fate as JFK. Regardless, Trump works for Israel and Jews first, never forget.

    So the pt. is Trump can do nothing to very little, ONLY what his Jew/Israel controllers allow, and Jews/Israel are not going to sell-out their "deep-state," globalist partners. Trump is just a pawn, pathetic fool. What does deep-state AND Israel fear most?--the free I-net, and they're working to destroy it as serious information.

    So deep-state is playing Trump like cat w. mouse, and the American people are being played too, evermore without leadership, Trump neutralized, compromised. But still, the simple, obvious observation is the SATANIC strangle-hold; if only enough Americans can grasp this satanism and how it's working--it isn't difficult.