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Friday, June 2, 2017

Jew/satanist main, immediate goal is REMOVAL OF FREE I-NET, fools--try to get a clue....

Trump's Big-Lie: That He's For "America First" When He's For Israel First
(Apollonian, 2 Jun 17)

Well, we have the "good-guys vs. bad-guys" for many if not most of the people, at least involving significant minorities--the "in" people who are "hip." They are the "leftist" "globalists" (according to Ajax Jewns of who are "anti-racist," the "antifas" who hate hatred (a). See (b) And the other side is Trump and his people who are for Israel first, the biggest big-lie Trump pushes--pretending to "America first"--which is "racist" according to the "Prophets of Rage" (see aforementioned vid).

So Trump and Ajax push the subtle equation of Israel w. America, appealing to the significant Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) constituency--which conflates Judaism w. Christianity which are necessarily opposites.

So u have the battle btwn subtleties, conflation of America and Israel and Judaism w. Christianity (a) vs. (b) the equation of racism w. bad or "evil," and hence mixed-race racism as "good"--I hope this isn't too subtle for people, though I guess it is.

So what's the pt. then?--well, it's designed for cognitive dissonance and confusion of the people, because never doubt or forget, Trump's foremost mission and purpose is to back Israel, hence ISIS, though he lies and says he's against this "terrorism."

And that's the other big lie--about "terror," which is totally a product of CIA, MOSSAD, FBI, MI6, NATO, and their satellites, Saudi and Paki. Notice the lies on top of lies, on top of lies and lying--typical Jews, whom Trump works for, never doubt.

And goal is removal of free Internet which will come about by means of civil strife btwn these elements, the "left" and "antifas" on the one hand, and the Ajax constituency, "Christian" is general style, but actually the same old JCs who were suckered by G. W. Bush, if u remember, and his daddio before that, fm 1988 campaign.

And remember, G. Soros is old collaborator w. mafia-don, Trump, so the antifas and leftists will continue to prosper, committing acts of violence and getting-away w. it all, the larger, slower-witted Christians being the victims. And Trump will then declare martial law completing the ruin of the free I-net--THIS IS THE PLAN.

But, as usual, it will be Jews and Israel that will benefit, along w. SATANISM--which Trump will play stupid about, pretending he doesn't know what's going on (regarding satanism, which is extreme subjectivism, making oneself God).

Meantime we're headed for economic and currency collapse, but through it all, and no matter who suffers, Israel and Jews will benefit and prosper, as always--we still have tooooo many stupid people for whom all this brainless stupidity, "good" Jews, vs. "bad" Jews, "left vs. right," is such entertainment.

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  1. Ck the Ajax show for today, 1 Jun 17, for his psychotic performance, lying, pushing "terror" lies as pushed by Trump.