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Monday, November 24, 2014

There are ways, un-questionably, by which to get necessary, strategic "word" out to people--"satanist" theme is one, lately grown most prominent....

True, Jews are the real enemy - no doubt in my mind. If, by some miraculous will of the Almighty, all Jews were raptured in one great cosmic event, the white race still would not recover from almost 100 years of propaganda and cultural genocide.
While the muds have been used by the Yikes as tools to subvert Western traditions and cultures, they too, are also victims of the Yikes, no question there either. However, what is happening in Europe, particularly in Sweden and Norway, where the muds are running rampant and chimping out every other day is the fault of the Libtards in those countries - not necessarily the Jews, though, like everything else wrong with Western society, the Jews are the instigators, at least in Norway. Sweden is a different case.
The problem that I see at present in Europe is that everyone is so distracted by technology and the endless striving for the acquisition of wealth and the endless distractions of video games and 'having fun' that they do not see their world is slowly collapsing. It's like that old saying about the frogs in water, you turn up the heat ever so slightly until it's boiling and they're dead - that is what is taking place in Europe at present - the Jews and their fellow travelers are ever so slightly importing more muds into countries that are overwhelmingly white [like Poland, which is 98% white] and no one is noticing.[/QUOTE]

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There's Un-Questionably Ways Of Getting Through To Folks Necessary Info, Never Doubt--Don't Under-Estimate The satanic Theme
(Apollonian, 24 Nov 14)

Indeed, the satanists, led by Jews, are riding high, still, at the moment, but time really seems to be running-out on them, the world fiat currencies tottering, including esp. US Dollar, the big domino.  Thus the Jew masterminds are feverishly striving to gin-up wars for distraction.

But note, Jews are much propped by the Judeo-Christian (JC) hereticalists who support Israeli terror-state, not to mention others like homosexuals.  The vast mass of folks in the middle--btwn Jews & cohorts on one side and Christian anti-semites on other are still quite intimidated by Jews and satanists.

Thus I think time is ripe now for strong propaganda campaign--but based on simple truth and observation regarding this satanic hegemony which reigns and which is in the people's face and un-deniable.  Primary target will be the JCs, for once this KEY prop for Jews is removed way is opened for much progress.  Christians must begin to see: SATANISTS, HENCE JEWS ARE THE PROBLEM; Judaism = Satanism.

Thus the formula is simple, at least for beginning: satanism is (extreme) subjectivism, including narcissism, hubris, and it's mostly fueled, for the beginning pretext, by the "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism).

REAL Christian anti-dote is existence of TRUTH (in accord w. Gosp. JOHN), this then based upon the objective reality, necessary basis/premise for such truth, there being no "good-evil" (for children and dogs), everyone being "sinners."

Remember, this formula probably won't be too outrageously successful at first, esp. as US Dollar continues to hold-up as reserve-currency, etc., but it's solid start and step for prospective further progress

It's emotions and sentiment where patriots must begin for setting the anchor for everything else--for even if Jews can't quite yet be frontally attacked, the JCs most certainly can--these are gross, putrid heretics and can easily be shown to being so.

Example: observe the scum Senator, Lindsey Graham, "Republican," who just now came out seconding Obola on the immigration issue, saying Republicans should be "ashamed"--and CONSIDER how at odds he is w. his JC "constituency" which supports Israel, BUT are decidedly AGAINST (a) the illegal invasion, and (b) Obola's illegal and un-Constitutional latest actions for granting these criminals various benefits.

Thus I always emphasize this basic Christianity as potent WEAPON, long as it's used adroitly--esp. against the un-deniable satanism which has become so pointedly prominent in our evermore putrid and Jew-dominated culture.  Observe Katy Perry now is going to perform at next Superbowl.  Ck also latest Mark Dice videos on this satanist subject, including the "illuminati" topic, at  Dice is one of the very best, getting THOUSANDS of hits for his vids--and note there are other Christians doing similarly, exposing this satanic filth.

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