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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Enough w. the details, tid-bits, factoids, etc.--we need INDUCTION (generalization) to the larger context for all these psy-ops, big-lies, false-flags, etc....

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How Does Fetzer Fail, So Spectacularly?
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 14)

Indeed, the int.-view w. Baker is very interesting, Baker very articulate.

However, I'll note once again, the int-view consists of yet another litany of facts, details, items, and tid-bits--not bad, but what we need is the larger picture for CONTEXT, available by the only means of induction--generalization, which is the prop. dept. of Fetzer, who yet again FAILS to doing his job as philosophical.

It's not enough to just cite same old complaint about the "controlled-media." For first the detective must note (a) the PSY-OPS component of all these "events," including JFK assassinations.

(b) Then there's more specific "BIG-LIE" technique.

(c) Next question, logically, is what sort of environment enables such psy-ops and BIG-LIES?--it must entail the Jews-media, obviously, but there's more, including the public-edjumacation and control of politicians, judges, bureaucrats, and police for control of this info.

(d) Thus we come to the central-banking element of a thoroughly corrupted society w. only very few and highly qualified exceptions, this "banking" enterprise being totally CRIMINAL, literally legalized COUNTERFEITING, enabling such psy-ops and BIG-LIES.

And it's all, once again, a matter of INDUCTION/generalization for the necessary obtaining of CONTEXT and perspective for these horrible assassinations, terror-events, and false-flags.

Fetzer is just the sort of person for the conception of this contextual project--which doesn't really seem to be all that complex--supposedly w. Ph.d in philosophy, but he fails--HOW is this?--he doesn't want "to go there"--WHY?--what is he scared of?--is it Jews?--of course it is.

The only note I can add is that my thesis for the cultural struggle is thus demonstrated for Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies, criminality, etc. See

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