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Monday, November 24, 2014

Jews--they aren't hated (by everyone, everywhere, throughout history) for nothing....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Jews Are Not Hated For Nothing
(Apollonian, 24 Nov 14)

Tiger: assuming u're talking to me, note, first, the article I copied for us is entirely someone else's, and I give the link right at the very top.

Second I've always been forthrightly Christian, the REAL Christian--which is (a) anti-satanic, hence (b) anti-semitic.  Judaism = Satanism (see and for best expo on Talmud, foundation of Judaism).  Do u notice how scared people are and have become to be anti-semitic?

Note our glorious ancestors were anti-semitic without any doubts--anti-semitic as a matter of course--NO ONE APOLOGIZED for it, no more than they'd apologize for being Christian--which is what Jews want in this present Orwellian politically-correct nightmare they've created for us all.

And I've always provided full exposition for the satanism and satanic nature of Judaism, replete w. citations and references.  In sum, Jews think they're collectively equal to God, that God only exists to be their slave and assassin, and, in accord w. their filthy Talmud, basic document for their filthy, putrid, satanic "religion," they can murder gentiles, and it's ok--in fact, it's perfectly in accord w. their putrid God's commandments.

Note further, in their scummy Talmud, Jews GLOAT over having killed Jesus Christ, insisting Christ was righteously executed for blasphemy and heresy.

And note by and fm history how Jews are absolutely HATED by all peoples of all races, all throughout history.  Observe further those satanic Jew monsters over in Palestine mass-murdering the people there, fm whom they stole the land.

There are no "good Jews" anymore than there are good satanists, or good psychopaths.

And ur buddy, Riversong, is obviously a Jew, and he deserves a bullet.  And what u're doing, my dear tiger-who-flies is simply learning about the full monstrosity of these filthy, infernal devils, called "Jews."

Observe Riversong says not a word regarding the plain facts reported in the article I posted--he couldn't care less about facts or truth--all he's concerned w. is that we gentiles worship those filthy, murdering kikes and pay the required obeisance--do u wonder why Jews are soooooo cordially and universally hated world-wide?  TRUTH IS HATE to those who hate the truth (Jews--and ck Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Why do u dis-respect ur ancestors who taught us to hate these Jew monsters?  Our ancestors were RIGHT for hating Jews, and it's simply a pity Jews haven't been dealt with as they deserve.

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