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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Most interesting dis-info going on whence Jews actually allow some criticism of Israel/"zionism"--but they must ALWAYS protest vehemently they're NOT "anti-semitic"--interesting....

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Jews, Jewwies Resume Their "Controversy" Games, Ho Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 13 Nov 14)

Ho ho ho ho ho--same Jewwy dis-info agent, doing same stupid crap, obsessing on trivialities if not outright idiocies.  There were THOUSANDS who died among "first responders" who breathed-in the radiation-contaminated dust particles which were so fine they passed easily through practically all the masks--this despite the word put-out by Christine Todd Whitman, I believe, that the air was safe to breathe.

Note one of the great markers and features of the 9/11 dis-info effort is "CONTROVERSY"--there's got to be this controversy, always, and this is provided by the MOSSAD and other Jewwy agents like "compasss/Joan Edwards" who plays this idiot shill-game w. GATE-KEEPER, the senile, incompetent, lying old codger, Fetzer, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Fetzer's job is to protect Jews, only casting some attn. on Israel, playing "good-Jew"-"bad Jew," ho ho ho ho ho ho hoo

The morons, one-born-brainless, simian shack, and this fool, "Joan Edwards," play dumbasses nit-picking the senile old coot, Fetzer, ho ho ho ho ho ho

The little game among these puke, above-mentioned, is to promote "controversy," esp. regarding Israel, but ALWAYS PROTESTING they're NOT "anti-semitic" which, we see, is the great sin in this satanic time of Spenglerian "Decline of the West," featuring the Judaized Christianity, disdained evermore by the people, but most of all, the general ennui and apathy along w. seldom-identified "FEAR OF THE JEWS."

Such is the politically-correct religion--to legitimize and justify Jews above all, in this supremely Jew-dominated, filthy, scummy, putrid, so-called "culture" in all its stinking degeneracy.

Thus the ONLY "criticism" which is allowed of kikes is regarding Israel--which is used, actually, to glorifying if not deifying Jews as all the anti-zionists are required to jump up and down--as we see Fetzer does--denying they're "anti-semitic," such anti-semitism being the great sin which isn't allowed.  This is the great dis-info game going on, comrades.

But proverbial "worm" will turn, Fetzer, u puke, all in due time (pretty soon, actually), and TREASON carries a harsh penalty, u brainless, pathetic old fool.

------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------

CompassNovember 13, 2014 at 5:43 PM
I wrote:

Fetzer's entire 9/11 theory is based on the assumption that the television footage of the so-called attack on the WTC is an actual, real, live, accurate [VISUAL] record of what happened.
Professor Fetzer, how is the above statement "rubbish." You tolerate the most outrageous posts on this site, allowing an obviously ill manic to post endless inflammatory rants here. You seldom visit the site, but the minute someone questions your nuke-Israel-did-it theory, you respond like lightening.

Thanks for showing up, Simon. I just read the link you posted and the video on Gordon Duff and was not surprised at his comment that only 40% of what he writes is true. That's the way the news media operate along with the book publishing business.

I have always taken this blog here with a grain of salt. Sometimes, there is a unique guest truth teller which makes it all worthwhile. I've followed this site for a couple of years and am not surprised the "research" has gone nowhere.

Anyone who has access to the mainstream as does Fetzer is protected by the military-intel establishment and knows he may only go so far. Imagine what would happen if he admitted 9/11 was a hoax--no hijackings, an ordinary demolition and no one died. I'm surprised they haven't called the reason for secrecy is national security.

So call any criticism "rubbish." How long do you think you current theory of holograms, missiles and witnesses is going to last? Your mind and speech are quick and you are seldom thrown on any topic and therefore the perfect guest on TV and also host should Alex Jones bow out.

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