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Monday, November 3, 2014

Necessary generalization upon various false-flags and psy-ops is what helps keeping truth fm Americans--"BIG-LIES" within larger culture of big-lies--HOW is this?....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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What's Problem?--FETZER, And People Like Him--Failing For Induction
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 2014)

Well, we see better and evermore what's going on for the so-called "Truth movement," esp. in the case of Fetzer who pretends to having a Ph.d in Philosophy--but who actually, really seems to just like to hear himself being on radio making recitations of "facts," details, trivia, items, etc.--that's all for Fetzer--WHO DOESN'T DEMONSTRATE ANY REAL ABILITY FOR GENERALIZING FM THE PARTICULARS--which is his special duty as philosophical, one who professes to the knowledge thereof--PHILOSOPHY.

We see also, Fetzer in, for this latest show, w. a couple of Jews--fm Hollywood, no less--who don't really seem to help for the problem (JEWS), rather just actually making things worse and even more mixed-up. I'm sure the Jews in the listening audience loved listening to it all.

Question regarding Fetzer is is he doing this on purpose?--keeping the pathetic, evermore moronic "truth movement" stymied upon idiotic, mere details, particulars, trivia and tid-bits?--How can the conclusion be avoided?

No wonder Dr. Judy Wood ABSOLUTELY HATES this Fetzer creature--even though Wood surely has problems of her own, she also failing to generalize properly, fixated upon moronic, brainless details and particulars, so insistently in her case.

Difference btwn Wood and Fetzer is that Fetzer fails when it's his very responsibility as Philosophy Ph.d to demonstrate the proper way of generalizing. Wood is similarly fixated (upon obsession w. particulars), not even grasping that it's "theory," by definition, which all her evidence either proves or disproves, ho oh ho ho ho

So we end-up having a couple of prima-donnas, as it were, almost literally "fiddling" while Rome "burns," each one of these fools so utterly and pathetically distracted and diverted as we see, we being left to simply learn fm the gross mistakes of these credentialed morons pretending to "expertise" and learning, ho ho ho ho ho ho

And neither one of these amazing fools, Fetzer or Wood seems to grasp what's happening.

So WHAT was actually accomplished for this latest radio show exhibition by Fetzer and co.?--NOTHING whatsoever--it's just the same, stupid crap, recitation of items, tid-bits, details, and trivia.

Why can't Fetzer CONCLUDE INDUCTIVELY upon the psy-ops nature, making use of the "BIG-LIE" and associated technique?

After all, Fetzer is supposed to have a Ph.d in philosophy--what is his problem?

The problem, obviously, is MORALISM--For Fetzer "doesn't want to go there," does he? For how otherwise would the Jews-media continue to thrive and succeed if it was pt'd out for what they (Jews-media) are doing by means of this psy-ops and BIG-LIE technique and events?

So we see now WHAT IS BEING COVERED-UP--the Jews-media and the psy-ops, making use of the "BIG-LIE," over and over and over.

And the only next step fm Jews-media psy-ops is the criminal "central-banking" legalized COUNTERFEITING instrument--the BIG-ONE--the primary practical ("existential") instrument of ZOG and Jew world order.

For the central-banking instrument is itself the MOTHER of all "BIG-LIEs" for criminality, control, and destruction of society and humanity--for which subject-matter our fearless leader, Fetzer, just doesn't have the stomach for assessing--here's the problem, for all to see.

I hope u're proud of urself, Fetzer: but people will--if they aren't already--surely be getting tired of and wise-to ur act, obsessed w. the particulars, deliberately ignoring the necessary induction, keeping people distracted--even though it's their fault no less, eh?

--------------------------------below is response to above--------------------

Clare KuehnNovember 3, 2014 at 12:22 PM

apsterian wants general deductive concepts here but for Paul's death case he wants only induction and won't go learn where that part is.

Ho ho.

--------------------ap responded to above w. below-copied--------------------------

Generalization Is Induction Which Fools Need To Grasp
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 14)

No, u lie once again, as usual, in ur pathetic pathologic ignorance, wishful-thinking and babbling, displaying ur pretended "knowledge" of things. "General deductive concepts" is nonsensical, genius. U're one who DESPERATELY needs to learn basic things--like definition of induction and how deduction leads to particular conclusions, etc.

I clearly say Fetzer MUST GENERALIZE (that's INDUCTION, genius) fm the particular terror/false-flag events.

What was 9/11?--what was Sandy Hoax?--what was JFK assassination?--they were, aside fm anything else, PSY-OPS, entailing "BIG-LIES" and the BIG-LIE technique--this is the INDUCTION which Fetzer avoids like the proverbial plague.

So HOW then does this BIG-LIE culture work?--simple--it requires only such as the Jews-media, Jew-run, Jew-controlled, Jew-owned, Jew-supervised, Jew-guided--as we plainly see--look at Fetzer welcoming the Jews, Nathan and Weiss, "hail fellows, well-met," etc. Fetzer just fits right in, the old charlatan.

And of course, the Jews-media couldn't exist without the Jew-run, Jew-serving central-banking.

Regarding Paul/Faul--to extent I take any notice for this idiot "controversy," I merely pt. out the obvious--there's no clear evidence for all the babbling and rambling and empty puffery of such empty-headed con-artists like above. And why wouldn't simple voice-graphs help determine the identities?--this isn't even considered by the "geniuses" in question.

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