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Sunday, January 15, 2017

People better start getting smart--to save their idiot lives, ho ho ho ho....

U Poor, Stupid Puke: U Are Being Murdered, War Waged Against U Dumb Scum--Wake-Up, Fools!
(Apollonian, 15 Jan 17)

Well, pizza-gate is, thanks to Jew-tube (in all irony, ho ho ho ho), evermore known, and satanism and child-trafficking are now generally apparent to great numbers of people. Will the dumb scum--the "people"--wake-up to the obvious facts?--ho ho ho ho ho--probably not, eh?--that's how stupid people are, such TV addicts the morons have become, eh?--ho ho ho ho.

It's literally death-worship, just as Ayn Rand noted in "Atlas Shrugged," the children taken fm the scum and morons--"the people," so sheep-like and lobotomized by the TV, ho ho ho ho.

And now we see all the instruments of the satanists, esp. the Jews-media, and now such as the satanic CIA, are working intensively against Trump--it's WAR, morons--get a clue.

So if the puke DO kill Trump, at least people should know what satanism is: extreme subjectivism, dumbasses. Need more expo?--then READ, u stupid puke--read the essays on this site, morons, and try to grow some brains, fools. It's only ur moronic lives at stake, idiots.

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