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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Now that folks are getting hip to problem of poison vaccines pushed by medical monopoly, do u think they might start to seeing the central-bank monopolists behind it all?....

Isn't The Game OBVIOUS?--Creation Of Monopolist Dictatorship Over Whole World
(Apollonian, 12 Jan 17)

Well now, we see quite a few people are gratified Trump has appointed RFK Jr. to look into the poison vaccines, enforced by the gov. (hint: it's a gov.-enforced monopoly). And if u don't get ur kids inflicted w. poison vaccines, u could lose the kids to the state (as in California) which will then give kids to child molesters and pedophiles. And u can't sue the vaccine manufacturers--they have "immunity" given them by the politicians they've bribed.

Then there's the GMO monopoly by which poison food is pushed on the people--genocide by "slow-kill" method.

Note also the "Big Pharma" monopoly which pays doctors to push drugs on people--similar to pushing un-needed surgery--and keeping free market drugs illegal--which only provides for a monopolist market for those illegal free market drugs, like cannabis, LSD, morphine, etc.

So one sees the blatant MONOPOLY over medicine and medical services, ever-growing and -expanding. And of course, there's the Jews-media monopoly which opposes what they arbitrarily call "fake-news," which "fake-news" is any info the monopolist establishment doesn't like, which it will say is "terrorism."

So how/why is it so difficult to observe and verify this monopolization--of everything, by a truly totalitarian gov.?

And finally, is it soooo goddam difficult to see what's behind this large, overall movement for totalitarian monopolization?--which, it so happens, also sees to the total mass murder of the citizens (according to "Agenda-21")? So WHAT ELSE is behind this monopolization, as of medical affairs, the press, food, etc., but the GODDAM CENTRAL-BANK, suckers? See for expo on central-bank.

What's the "central-bank"?--it's legalized counterfeiting of the currency, not real "money," which real money must be commodity, hence gold/silver, not capable of being counterfeited.

So why can't people see these satanic murderers simply make use of central-banking to enforce and enable their general monopolization of EVERYTHING ELSE, literally? For by means of this same legalized counterfeiting, these satanists buy all politicians and judges on their way to buying everything and everyone else too.

And if these stupid sons-of-bitches (the "people") can't see what's going on w. this general monopolization, then doesn't it mean they NEED extermination for excessive stupidity?--seriously. I mean if u're soooooooooooo goddam stupid to such a degree, doesn't that mean u're begging for extermination?--don't u DESERVE it?

Well, guess what, sucker?--extermination is what happens, according to Darwin, anyway--the "weak fall by the wayside"--it's simply inevitable. People might work to saving some of the dumb-****s, but after a certain pt., too much stupidity MUST lead to extinction--it will happen, guaranteed, suckers.

But the poor, dumb bastards won't and can't see what's going-on and -down until they see people being killed on a mass scale, evidently--that's why they're such stupid, brainless puke.

And thus we see the purpose and place of the satanists, central-bankers, and counterfeiters: they're God's way of eliminating, removing, and de-populating the earth of excessive numbers of stupid, brainless bastards, scum, and puke who beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeev there's "free lunch"--just print-up currency (not real "money," again), eh?--the magic solution for everything. Stupid scum think "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'" makes it come true.

These satanists and bankers then are thus merely like diseases, like typhus, leprosy, and plague--they take-out the over-populated weaklings, pure and simple. They're not "evil," as they (satanists) sincerely think, in their way, they're doing right and good; they live by lies and lying, including lying to themselves (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

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