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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Interesting dialectic, harkening to the old Jewwy culture, now collapsing, in which we're immersed, struggling to transcend....

Below-copied dialectic fm

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Jew Culture Collapsing, Crashing--Take Heed, Suckers
(Apollonian, 22 Oct 14)

Ho ho ho--nigel, all u know is lies--it's all u care about. After all, u were raised in a Jewwy, Jew-oriented, Jew-serving culture, eh? Jews (and cohorts) taught u all u know. Ho ho ho ho ho

NEWSFLASH: Nazis were heroes who defended German people fm Jew Bolsheviks, for which the Germans were grateful. Nazi heroes were the last defenders of the old Christendom and rationalist West, gone but not forgotten.

Hitler made mistake of declaring war on USA, however, which was big mistake guaranteeing a 2nd front a year later. Earlier that year (1941), he failed to complete the drive for Moscow when he had the chance, giving bolshies a needed breather.

But I understand: u grew-up in a Jew-oriented culture, un-doubtedly--I KNOW, as I also was raised similarly--it took tremendous effort to re-orient myself.

U ought to wake-up: ur world is coming crashing, US Dollar and all other fiat currencies collapsing, even as we speak, poor fool. Ho ho ho ho ho

-----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

Liar? Not so. I'm very much an expert, dear boy.

The reason I ask our friend to elaborate is because he has made claims that were, by any standards but your own, extravagant. Stating that "the Nazis were the good guys" makes for fascinating reading, I'm sure we'll all agree, but really warrants some kind of elaboration.

I, however, have nothing to elaborate upon at present. Unless you disagree?

---------------------------------above in response to below-copied by ap----------------------------------

Nigel: Utterly Worthless Traitor To Humanity; Wants To Be Taken Seriously
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 14)

Nigel: u always want everyone else to "elaborate," while u urself HAVE NOTHING to say of any substance.

First u LIE, like a Jew, saying u're "expert" at Biblic literature.

U seem to imagine u have a substance which just isn't apparent.

After all, we KNOW u're fascist advocate of strict censorship, pushing the fallacious "hate"-crimes and -speech idea, failing for definition and reasoning, TYPICAL FASCIST--why should ANYONE take someone like u seriously? All u really deserve is a bullet, eh?--traitor (to humanity) as u obviously are. Why bother continuing to post?

----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------------

I'm neither.
Still, I'd like you to elaborate for me, if it's all the same.

----------------------------------above in response to below-copied------------------------------

There are quite a few people in the "truth" movement who don't believe a single word that comes from our government or the jew media. They say we have been lied to concerning every major historical event.
With one exception....

The most obvious and outrageous lie all .... Everything we have been told about: Adolf Hitler and National Socialist Germany. If you dont know the "Nazis" were the good guys by now, you're either retarded or a jew.

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