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Monday, October 20, 2014

JFK assassination, 9/11 all placed in context of Jews and central-banking (legalized) COUNTERFEITING

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Jews, Banking's Place In Midst Of "Decline Of The West," Including USA, Through All Events
(Apollonian, 20 Oct 14)

U ask (see below-copied) for commentary, and when u get informed criticism, u call it "beating up."  And now u say ur motive is to "defending his [Nelson's] right" to preach dis-info (and outright lying), Nelson saying, very clearly in the broad-cast, LBJ used Jews rather than being used by them, ho ho ho ho ho--whatever.

Anyway, I don't disagree w. his "rights"--long as I get to "beat up" on him for his lying and dis-info, eh?  Ho ho ho ho

Don't u think Nelson DESERVES "a lot of crap" for his lying and dis-info?--and isn't that perfectly fair thing?--I'm not saying he should be muzzled or censored, ho ho ho--after all, it's we anti-semites who dare to criticize Jews who are censored.

If u and he KNOW all LBJ's "wise men were . . . CFR," they staying-on after JFK assassination, then that's HUGE clue right there for who was behind the assassination.

My main pt. is to OBSERVE the necessary/obligatory nature & structure of the large criminal conspiracy: that central-banking, legalized COUNTERFEITING operation underlying and behind it all, which gives them all their power, nearly un-limited funding, allowing them to own & CONTROL everything, esp. the Jews-media, and the bought-off and paid-for politicians and judges who and which all worked to squelch any investigation, but for poor, isolated, beset, and be-deviled heroes like Jim Garrison.

Notice they (the powers behind things) didn't call Garrison "anti-semitic"--as that would have much and rather given things away, eh?  Ho ho ho ho

Gary: the show ended up being rather side-tracked about LBJ and hardly anything was said about the JFK assassination--maybe that was ur intention.  But then there was the lie about the Jews, nothing being said about LBJ himself being Jew and/or his many Jew connections--and that is relevant, germane, and even essential if u really want to get into LBJ.

LBJ had HUGE "cover" fm somewhere, eh?--CFR, etc., was the obvious outer-face to it, CFR itself being largely Jew enterprise fm the Brit Round-Table and Cecil J. Rhodes.

If u think about it--isn't it absurd to imagine it was LBJ who wanted USS Liberty sunk, and that he used Israel to do it?--impossible, laughable.  Rather, truth OBVIOUSLY is Israel and Jews used LBJ--Israel wanted Liberty sunk--WHAT do u think?--tell us. 

Note the JFK assassination was a great SEA-CHANGE in things political, even cultural--no less than presently w. 9/11 event, mere logical follow-up.

Israel was ABSOLUTELY vital to the whole situation and JFK assassination event as, for example, it required co-operation of the Jews-media, the pt. being that if u look-see, u find ISRAEL GOT ONE OF THE BIGGEST PAY-OFFS, especially when u look at the HUGELY enlarged allocations of funds fm US gov.--NOT TO MENTION the safe continuation of their developing their nuke program.  Mike Collins Piper's work, "Final Judgment," is good back-ground for all this info on LBJ and JFK.

Hence then proper view and setting for things is (a) Jews and (b) rise of central-banking (Rothschild) foundation for criminal take-over of the world, (c) beginning w. Brit. empire, Rhodes and Round-Table societies, (d) moving to USA w. CFR, then (e) foundation of United Nations world Jew gov., simultaneous to founding of Israel and (f) then Israel's evermore central place for things, including (g) JFK assassination, (h) 9/11, among all the others, (i) USA now languishing in mid-East as it languishes in general, (j) China over-taking for economic dominance, (k) US Dollar about to collapse.

Nelson's purpose is obviously to DIVERT fm the Jew angle, putting a half-baked emphasis on LBJ which can't stand-up soon as anyone gets into LBJ's Jew-connections, including then, esp. Israel terror-state.

--------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------

Gary King October 20, 2014 at 2:19 AM
apsterain, I have heard just about every JFK radio/tv show that has ever played and this is just about the only one that turns the ship in Israel's direction. It seems your beating up Phil and I for not going far enough. Phil knows about the CFR, Trilateral and the burgers. Go back and listen to Gary King/John Hankey/Jim Fetzer LBJ debate to see where i stand, I listed dozens of CFR people. I also mention that LBJ's 16 wise men were all CFR. Phil has gotten a lot of crap from people and I am more about defending his right to say it that necessarily agreeing with the Mastermind part.

------------------------above in response to below-copied by apster--------------------------

LBJ Was Mere Pawn, Was NOT Not Not A Top Mastermind
(Apollonian, 19 Oct 14)

Nelson is dis-info: not a word about the US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") legalized COUNTERFEIT scam, necessarily the very top element of all/any organized crime.

I'm very surprised and disappointed in Gary King that he lets Nelson get-away w. all this dis-info, lies, and general diversion away fm the JFK assassination.

To be sure, Nelson knows lots of crap, trivia, details, anecdotes, etc., but it's all designed to divert fm the necessary head of it all, the powers behind the Fed--nothing happens or goes down without the okay of the Fed powers, these being Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and nowadays, Trilaterals; Bilderbergers have been around since at least 1950s.

Sure, LBJ was placed in charge--but no more than board directors of a corp. choose a CEO and tell him he's "quarterback" running things, but LBJ was NOTHING but a pawn himself, doing what he was told, watched carefully by such as J. Edgar Hoover and the others.  Note the other CFR members stayed-on w. LBJ, like McNamara and McGeorge Bundy.

LBJ then went and began the idiot Vietnam debacle, programmed to be so fm the beginning, Americans to be ground-up, distracting fm what ensued: (a) Russia emerging as super-power w. "parity" in ICBMs, and then, just a little later, (b) China to begin it's 40 yr long climb to economic super-power, Jew S A now about to become a 3rd world nation, its industry and manufacturing utterly gutted and sold over-seas, etc.

So Gary, what happened is u let this guy totally divert upon a great mass of trivia and details--ABOUT LBJ--NOT about the JFK assassination and large circumstances thereto.

Only at the very end does Nelson begin to touch upon the Jew subject, but he then alleges LBJ used the Jews more than Jews used him, ho ho ho ho ho, what a laugh--and what a stupid, brainless lie--totally inconceivable.  It's matter of hist. record that the HUGE payments and aid fm USA to Israel BEGAN w. LBJ.

In fact, LBJ was himself A JEW: see

Nelson also makes note of the USS Liberty incident, but this also is great evidence of who controlled who, the Israelis blatantly attacking a US ship--and getting away w. it all w. the help and complicity of a US Pres.

This is the first FAILURE of Gary's shows on the JFK assassination--totally diverted upon the LBJ subject by a con-artist, Nelson, who is surely paid by CFR et al.  The actual JFK assassination was mentioned only tangentially and in very, very little detail.

Better luck next show, Gary, but u ought to learn fm this episode--u gotta keep to the subject, not letting a B.S. artist, like Nelson, get us all distracted and diverted on a totally different subject, like LBJ, nothing about JFK and the assassination.

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