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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Islam: it's really just a crude simplification of preceding Christian dialectic, overlooking Judaic satanism....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Islam: Crude Simplification Of Christianity, Overlooking Judaic Satanism
(Apollonian, 7 July 15)

Hello, and thanks much for ur interesting vid and report on the Muslim guy.  Well, u know, u always ought to take folks seriously, this was the way they (Muslims) were raised.  Islam is very interesting sort of religion--it's diff. fm Christianity which Muhammud didn't understand and sought to simplify.

First, it's important to understand Christianity.  I'm phil. major who came to theology fm phil. and literature, specifically, the Illiad and Oddysey by Homer, Homer being the principal literature of Greeks before Christ, the Greeks being outstanding and famous rationalists--which rationalism was very useful, esp. in the analysis of the Old Test., and further, the Pharisaist ("Tradition of Elders," mentioned by Christ) material, later to be fully written-out in Babylon as the Talmud, 500 AD.

Note the analysis of Mike A. Hoffman II at and of Jews' Talmud--which Hoffman explains nullified the Mosaic law of Torah--which Pharisaism then Christ reviled and repudiated, for which Christ (= Truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) was killed by conspiracy of Pharisees and others, esp. Sadducees--but which truth triumphantly resurrected on Easter--u cannot kill truth--because u cannot change the objective reality created by God the Father.

For note again, Pharisees, hence Jews, consider reality SUBJECTIVE, same for Torah law of Moses which they interpret ("midrash") according to their "Oral law tradition."  God is slave of Jews, which God is hopelessly in love w. Jews--Jews considered collectively.  That's why then Jews are soooo amazingly powerful, they being sublime COLLECTIVISTS (having invented communism/bolshevism, don't forget), controlling the central-banking (US Federal Reserve Bank and others too, like Bank of England, ECB, IMF, BIS, etc.) criminal enterprise, these relatively few Jews capable then of commanding far more numerous gentile criminals and subjectivists who are dis-united and far less organized.

Note in subjectivism, one makes one's own mentality source of any "reality"--thus one makes oneself God, satanism.  Jews dominate as they're most sublime satanists, far more organized, united, "connected," and esp. collectivistic, thus dominating the gentile subjectivists who yet out-number them by many times.  
Pt. then I want to impress upon u is the sublime philosophic msg of Christ and New Test.  For note in simplest, basic logic one cannot prove there is no God--as one cannot prove universal negative--same for Christ (can't prove Christ didn't exist).  Regardless, the Christian literature was justly and understandably adopted by rationalist Greeks as Christ makes it clear to Pharisees regarding truth (= Christ) founded upon objective reality (Aristotle).

Further pt. then is this heavy and sublime intellectual (Greek) Christianity and development in religion was TOO MUCH for Muhammud (who seems to have been pretty illiterate, as I understand) who sought then to simplify things.  "Allah" is back to being the one God--no "Trinity" (too complex)--and Allah doesn't love or even particularly care for humanity like Christ does.  Thus Allah simply commands, much like the original Jehovah character fm Old Test., and humans are simply to obey--regardless of any reasoning which is the distinct appeal of Christianity--and which only minority of humans appreciate, though Christianity additionally affords for leadership of the lesser intellects, aside fm the intellectual sort, always a minority.

Otherwise, I agree w. u for ur exegesis of strict New Test. literature, the Muslims making stuff up--but they, of course, utterly fail to grasp the Christian theology/philosophy, Holy Spirit consisting of Reason, Honesty, and Integrity (that sublime reason pervading equally conscious and subconscious), necessary for grasping of TRUTH (= Christ), only way to God (happiness).

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