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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Subjectivist corruption, Pharisaism, satanism, criminality, homosexual perversion--they all go together, necessarily, naturally....

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Subjectivist Corruption, Pharisaism, Criminality, Homosexual Perversion--Intimately, Necessarily Linked, Related, Supporting One Another
(Apollonian, 16 July 15)

Remember reality is (a) objective (Aristotle), (b) hence determined--in accord w. absolute cause-effect--there being no perfectly "free" human will (hence no "good-evil"), and (c) CYCLIC for its history, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Thus USA is presently in grips of gross, horrific perversion and utter DECLINE--but "decline" in what way?--"decline" fm WHAT? Thus, note the original conqueror generation(s) for any empire--take the Roman example--is always down-to-earth, common-sense -oriented, and OBJECTIVE (much as possible), even if they're not highly educated as we might observe in today's over-educated generation, filled w. lies and most idiotic "political-correct" nonsense--including now obligatory tolerance of homosexual perversion.

Thus as the process of "decline" continues one observes the movement fm objective to corruption by means of SUBJECTIVISM--reality is held to be whatever one wants, ESPECIALLY and always beginning in way of moralism/Pharisaism. People are persuaded they're "good" and "morally virtuous" by means of hubristic will-power, all of this against the objective/determinist tenet which denies the perfect freedom of human will.

Thus the following generations fm the original founders of the successful society become evermore corrupt and subjectivist, esp. in way of Pharisaism and pretension to "good-evil," and this corruption naturally manifests in way of homosexuality.

Of course, prior to full-fledged, officially-sanctioned homosexual corruption the cultural decline takes a fundamental turn when the money system is corrupted by means of CENTRAL BANKING featuring institution of legalized COUNTERFEITING by means of "fiat-money" and proliferation/replication, "inflating," of the currency, of the receipt-money substitute for the real, commodity-money, gold/silver.

Thus, as the society/culture is taken-over by the all-pervasive central-banking--the very MONEY SYSTEM--the society is made captive of lies, liars, and criminals--ESP. JEWS and their cohorts, Jews masters of lies, subjectivism, and moralism/Pharisaism.

And it's NO WONDER subjectivism pervades the corrupt society, for the criminal regime of central-banking is propped and secured by this all-pervading regime of subjectivism and lies, hence then moralism/Pharisaism and political-correctness.  For such is the necessary nature of a society dominated by central-banking and fiat-currency.

Thus the significance of homosexual orientation is anti-rational--ANTI-OBJECTIVISTIC--hence the pursuit of sense-gratification for its own sake--esp. as way of diversion fm rationality, objectivity, and intellect.  For obviously homosexuality opposes the family orientation of productive, objectivistic-oriented, rationalist society which rejects criminality hence legalized COUNTERFEITING and central-banking, foremost instrument of Jews and satanists.

So naturally the Jew-oriented, subjectivist, hence MORALIST/Pharisaic persuasion encourages homosexuality and such-like corruption in same way as it defends and promotes the criminal regime of central-banking--CENTRAL-BANKING DEPENDS upon subjectivism and moralism/Pharisaism, hence also homosexuality--THEY ALL GO TOGETHER naturally and necessarily, subjectivism, moralism/Pharisaism, criminality, central-banking, and homosexuality.

Needless to say, the subjectivist society is the Jew-oriented corruption and "Decline" of any society once vibrant, successful, and productive, like the West now in grips of this evermore gross perversion.  Christianity then is abhorred by this rampant corruption, subjectivism, and SATANISM--as we see in present-day "hip-hop" music and entertainment, esp. Hollywood notoriously in control of Jews.

For Christianity was the foundation of original American culture and society, Christianity featuring the objective reality, necessary foundation/premise for TRUTH (= Christ), the only way to Godly happiness, Gosp. JOHN 14:6, against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) founded in subjectivism, reality being only what rabbis say it is, all for the "good" of Jews--but really just for the good of the Jew master-minds.

Such then, once again, is CYCLIC "Decline of the West," so well described by Oswald Spengler: it's perfectly determinist process as the once successful, victorious, "prosperous" society generates a vast multitude of weaklings and inferiors, addicted to Jews' TV and lies, consumed in hubris, insisting upon "politically-correct" moralism/Pharisaism by which homosexuality is not merely tolerated but mandatory.

Not merely disaster, but horrific catastrophe is the necessary result, and practically the ONLY instance in history by which such catastrophe was averted, even if only briefly and in part, is the great Christian revolution of early 4th cent. led by St. Constantine the Great.

Thus present USA must adopt commodity-money and revert to original states-rights in accord w. 10th Amendment of US Constitution which has been so horrifically abused heretofore.  Most of all, people must achieve reason and abandon hubristic pretension to "good-evil" Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy--and this will surely not be easy thing to do.

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