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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Never forget: Jews can "debunk" ANYTHING--by means of bald-face lying, repeated ad nauseum, fueled by endless money-creation by Fed COUNTERFEIT scam....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Sure, Jews And Accomplices Can "Debunk" Anything--Esp. By Means Of Gross Lying, As Jews Are Experts At, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 26 Jun 15)

Ok, whoever u are, "Sandy hook facts," ho ho ho--we begin w. idea (a) there are no bodies, (b) there's no blood, and (c) there are no pictures, like of the non-existent "Adam" at the school.  And fm these and other FACTS, like about "capstone" event drill going on, presence of crisis-actors, pre-existent web-sites, etc., and despite ur pathetic lies, denying it all, we hypothesize it was all hoax--and this is surely reasonable.  U now have easy job of providing the info--WHICH U REFUSE TO DO, "u" including the people u work for, Obama, Holder, and now Lynch, Malloy, et al., master-minds of the large, bold, and ambitious psy-ops u're about.

Don't u realize we understand perfectly well that ZOG (ur masters and controllers) will spare no expense for the cover-up and dis-info aspect/phase of the hoax event--that's u people, right?--no wonder u hate Wolfgang and conduct this intense vilification as u do.

And yes, we also understand u people are utterly ruthless, w. no lack of chutzpah, ur masters being Jews, like Monte Frank the crooked lawyer who is video-taped now very intently interfering and obstructing justice w. frivolous objections for Wolfgang's efforts of inquiry and gathering of evidence.  And hence u'll LIE OUTRIGHTLY, RIGHT IN EVERYONE'S FACE, u confident that ur bought and thoroughly intimidated judges and other corrupt officials fm corrupt state of Conn. will back u up.

So in the long-run, and currently, all u really do is to help us in our resolve for rooting-out all the details for this Sandy hoax event--it is PRECISELY what ZOG would do, and ur activities are precisely how ZOG would act, saying all the pathetic things u do.

Did u catch the vid of Wolfgang confronting Gov. Malloy on his statement at the original press conf. that he'd been "spoken to" about Sandy hoax, Malloy denying he said it?  Ho ho ho ho ho--yes, we know--u can debunk that too, eh?  Ho ho ho  U can "debunk" ANYTHING, right?--esp. by means of shameless, in-ur-face lying, right?--just like Jews taught u, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho

Keep up ur good work, suckers.


This one, below-copied, was first published at comments,

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Don't Forget Who U're Working For At Out-Set--Always Only A Minority Who Discern
(Apollonian, 7 Jul 15)

Good work, comrade: note ZOG has its weapon of US Federal Reserve Bank, legalized COUNTERFEITING, which puts out nearly infinite funds to pay ARMY of shills and agents for dis-info, etc.  Did u imagine ZOG would inflict a psy-ops without a hard-core, and extensive clean-up crew to follow, making sure things would be covered-up thoroughly, any witnesses intimidated and gagged, things totally confused?  Ho ho ho ho ho

Note also for any issue most folks are clueless, looking for leadership, small minorities at the polar ends being only ones truly committed to any "ideals."

So u can be sure u're doing excellent work--lots of folks were prepared for the most recent Charleston, SC event, that also being psy-ops--due much to outstanding Sandy hoax analysts like u, good comrade.

So u just gotta know what to expect, given the circumstances--it being tough for serious truthers like u.

But if u want to ck a slightly diff. approach--ck work of "Operation Chaos," at  Operator gives a comic and artistic angle to the Sandy hoax subject which I'm sure u'll appreciate.

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