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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bill Still: gross shill, for money MUST be commodity-based, gold/silver best....

Bill Still: Shill And A Half, Indubitably; Real Money MUST BE Commodity-Based, PERIOD
(Apollonian, 7 Jun 15)

Topic question is whether Bill Still ( is shill?--and yes, Still is GROSS, disgusting, absolute shill, dis-info agent, charlatan, mountebank, clown, without the slightest question or doubt.  Still pretends that "money" can be fiat, like paper, and that it doesn't have to be commodity-based, hence finite and limited in quantity.  Here below, I propose to expostulate the Austrian theory how and why real money MUST, necessarily, be commodity-based (hence gold/silver being best practical forms).  For ref. see

For money MUST be commodity and commodity-based--making it limited and FINITE in quantity--WHICH THEN PREVENTS (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, the issuance of fiat-money, advocated by Still, having no commodity base.  For without the commodity-base keeping the value of money, fiat-money will lead to legalized COUNTERFEITING, the issuance of un-limited quantity, hence INFLATION.  Only commodity-money prevents inflation and the destruction of money-system, economy, and culture.

For one needs merely imagine the origin of money--HOW did it arise?  For in the beginning all/any commerce and trade must have been barter in nature, the trade of good for good, pure and simple.
As the culture, primitive as they would have been, progressed a certain commodity would have evolved to being a common "medium of exchange"--meaning something any other commodity could have been traded (sold) for.

For imagine in the barter society, one coming to market w. one's goods, and finding the commodity one was most looking for to exchange was not present--what would one do?--just go home w. one's goods hoping for better luck the next day?  Thus it must have evolved and developed that instead of going home empty-handed for what one was looking for, one would simply exchange it for a commonly valued commodity which was available, and now presumably easier to handle and carry--with the idea one could later and more conveniently trade for what one originally wanted when that originally desired commodity did eventually become available.

Further, that commonly valued commodity ("medium of exchange") could additionally serve as a store-of-value and even, later, as a unit-of-account.  And the medium-of-exchange commodity now only needs pass test of PRACTICALITY--(a) it must be DURABLE as it changes numerous times fm hand-to-hand--A METAL.  (b) It should be relatively valuable so that one need carry only a relatively small weight/mass to equal the probable larger mass/weight of whatever other commodity one was looking to purchase--a PRECIOUS METAL, like gold or silver.  (c) Additionally, a metal then affords divisibility of the mass as way of making change, this being a minor issue compared w. the first two, durability and practicality.

Still is actually, never forget or doubt, shilling for the Jew bankers--how do u know?--for he's defending the false notion that real money can be other than commodity-based.  Still diverts the discussion to question of charging-of-interest and debt-money which he insists is the nub/essence of the problem--which is false.  For the real problem is the legalized COUNTERFEITING, proliferation of the units of currency (not money, which is defined as commodity, w. "intrinsic value").

For note, as the quantity of money (hence commodity-based) MUST remain limited/finite in order to prevent INFLATION, the VALUE of the (commodity-based) money will increase as quantity of goods and svcs increase relative to the stable quantity of money.  If the quantity of (commodity-based) money goes down, due to hoarding or saving, etc., then the value of the money remaining in circulation simply goes up, obviously and necessarily.

Problem w. INFLATION, as of fiat-money, is that as the increased quantity of "money" (funny-money, not the real thing which must be commodity-based) is circulated into the economy, PRICES necessarily go up, an absolute and necessary effect.  Further, as the currency (not real "money") supply increases, more and evermore LOANS are enabled as the currency makes its way to "bankers."

And as the currency supply increases, causing inflation (rise in prices), EVENTUALLY the issuance of this flow of new currency must stop--due to the ever-increasing inflation.  But what now happens to the LOAN and debt situation which arose fm the original increase of supply of currency?--they still need to be paid--BUT HOW now can they be paid if the incoming flow of currency is curtailed ("deflation")?  Thus the inflation inevitable causes (a) rise in debts and loans, which are (b) defaulted when the inflation is curtailed.  And this "BUST" ("recession/depression") follows necessarily REGARDLESS WHETHER "INTEREST" IS CHARGED on the loans.

Thus u see, Still wants to pretend that monetary inflation (issuance of ever-greater quantity of currency) and fiat-money is okay long as no interest is charged--this "interest" being really mere red-herring diversion upon the substance of money supply and quantity thereof.

Regarding "interest-charging," note this NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT the meaning of the old word, "USURY," which is lacking for basic, distinct definition fm the old sources (including the Bible).  For this "usury" is actually necessarily reference to fiat-money, NOT NOT NOT charging-of-interest.
For charging of interest is mere matter of contract btwn individuals--a fee for the renting of money or currency, perfectly rational and understandable for economic merits.  No gov. has the right to prevent such free contracting among the citizens in a free market and society.

Of course, it's obviously true that charging-of-interest will complicate and even enhance the eventual collapse of a fiat-money system--BUT THIS eventual collapse not primarily and fundamentally caused by charging-of-interest; rather, the inevitable collapse is caused by the increase of currency supply and then necessary "deflation" to prevent run-away inflation, which then causes collapse of the debt structure which is always built up during the inflation--it would happen REGARDLESS of charging-of-interest.

Note there are many, many others of Still's sort who shill for Jew bankers system like Ellen Brown ( and the guy at, insisting fiat-money (legalized COUNTERFEITING) can work.

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