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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Phil. Prof. mere purveyer of hubris, stupidity, ignorance--why education MUST be private....

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

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Mike's Horrific Ignorance Of CYCLIC (Determinist) Reality, Economics
(Apollonian, 10 May 14)

Mike: I detect ur satirical bent expressing itself about freedom and free market.

Problem w. smart-alecks like u is u can't get the idea that free market is simply the necessary, natural appendage/facet OF FREEDOM IN GENERAL.  There's NO RATIONAL ALTERNATIVE to free-market.

So because of ur pathetic ignorance and prejudice against free market, w. all ur moronic fallacies to which u attach to it, U WANT TO ABOLISH FREEDOM.  And this is why education should be strictly private--we should keep willfully ignorant creatures like u, subsidized by the public, far away as possible fm otherwise innocent and impressionable students--let them PAY to go out to look for fools like u to learn about ur delusions of "good" and the "noble lies" u purvey.

Mike: get it straight comrade, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE DICTATORSHIP or any scum attempting to take-away our freedom, PERIOD.  Consider the penalty of TREASON.

However, I do acknowledge u deserve an explanation (useless as it is) for how the world works--the course of CYCLIC (determinist) history, in accord w. Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Thus ALL CIVILIZATIONS "decline"--u get it?--they become corrupt, ESPECIALLY as result of (a) victory, (b) success, (c) "prosperity"--all these the result/consequence of inevitable HUBRIS--as of the very sort u suffer and attempt to spread to the poor victims known to u as ur "students."

See, u CANNOT be God--u cannot create or essentially change reality--and u cannot be "good," EVER, in any way.  Unfortunately, u teach and help spread this dread disease of HUBRIS to ur victims by means of encouraging the DELUSION of "good."

And thus, u see, similar such delusions, borne of HUBRIS, arise among a population regarding economics--the idea they can "improve" upon the free market and freedom.  Most horrific and definitive form of this dread delusion is "central banking" as in form of present US Federal Reserve "Bank" (ho ho ho) which amounts to the criminal enterprise of literal, but legalized, COUNTERFEITING and inflating/augmenting the so-called "money"-supply.

And note this criminal activity is the corruption/perversion of the true and proper "free" market, but which edjumacated fools like u refuse to observe, grasp, and understand.

And there doesn't seem to be any real solution to the great problem of general cultural HUBRIS, decline and ultimate collapse.  The ONLY significant example I'm aware of in history whence there was even a brief respite to such cultural collapse was the Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great whence the Jews were put in their proper place (for hundreds and hundreds of yrs), but Christians and gentiles merely took their place as oppressors.  And as we see, Jews and associated satanists simply re-emerged.

Here in USA it looks like only hope is to belatedly acknowledge Southern states of the Confederacy were right about states rights, USA broken-up and a new start be made upon original American principles of Jefferson--NOT Hamilton and John Marshall (who ratified the original Bank of US in McCulloch v Maryland decision of 1819).

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