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Thursday, May 22, 2014

There ain't gonna be any "peaceful" way out of ZOG dictatorship, comrades--prepare and gird thyselves....

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Jack Must Face-Up To Ugly Truth: ZOG Must Be Dealt With
(Apollonian, 22 May 14)

Jack: I agree, there's no justice under ZOG (Zionist occupation gov.) presently, just as u indicate.

But death-penalty comes about by means of the morality of saving ur life vs. letting he who's looking to kill u being allowed to do so--UNLESS u kill him FIRST.  Death-penalty is EMINENTLY justified by tenet of self-defense.  Death-penalty is society's self-defense measure, pure and simple.

But I first and most want to expand upon my statement made hastily yest., before I had to close-up shop for the night.  THERE'S GOING TO BE BLOOD--and there's no "peaceful way" out of things.

For ZOG has been active now over 100 yrs w. the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam ginning-up wars--like it's doing presently in Syria and Ukraine, if u've noticed--they did a poison-gas attack just few months ago and tried to blame it on Assad, the legal ruler of Syria who is allied w. Russia and opposed to ZOG.

So u see Jack, we're up against most ruthless mass-murderers, ZOG, and they have a long history of mass-murder, lately Syria and Ukraine; just recently in Libya, not to mention having killed now over a million in Iraq, thousands in Afgan.

Jack, ZOG did 9/11, they lied about WMD in Iraq--they've done practically all the terrorism--they're now openly allied w. al Qaeda, and they've announced greatest threat in USA is Christians, gun-owners, and returning vets.

ZOG poisons the food and water supplies, even the atmosphere w. "chem-trails," forces toxic vaccines upon people, and they're determined to murder billions under AGENDA-21 genocide--and that's why ZOG is working feverishly to continue and complete installing the NSA mass-spying within the I-net which they're going to manipulate so there's no longer any free-speech.

ZOG is scared witless that I'm explaining all these easily verified things to u, too, don't doubt, and they've got no-fly lists and kill-lists, the justification for assassination already laid-out and actually being pushed and practiced.

So these people, ZOG, MUST BE EXTERMINATED--after fair trials, of course, and then publically executed--just like the French Revolution, never doubt.  And ZOG knows this quite well, and that's why they are working to pre-empt things to killing us first.  So I'm sorry to have to bust ur wishful-thinking bubble, but the die is cast, comrade--u gotta start getting real and facing the difficult facts.

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