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Friday, May 9, 2014

Phil. prof., teacher of "ethics" of "good-evil" fallacy, is integral part of ZOG imperialism, never doubt....

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Prof. Mike: Integral Part Of ZOG Imperialism
(Apollonian, 9 May 14)

Mike: I submit ur entire expo here about so-called "ad baculum" is just whimsical, confused question-begging.  Ur first four paragraphs, above, properly rather describe question-begging, this new "ad baculum" being mere variation or form of it.

The way u describe the "fallacy," it's just a form of intimidation, and the proper question/issue then is whether the proposed "solution" or conclusion really addresses the problem brought-up by the premise.

Let's take an example in ur own case: racism--u, in ur habitual (and unfortunate) political-correctness, want to insist it's wrong and u call it "hate"--which is plainly false.  Racism is love and loyalty to one's own folk--a great virtue and acknowledged to be so--which, furthermore, is plainly reflected in any dictionary, though expressed in negative form (namely "hatred" of those not of one's race).  So ur proposition to effect racism is wrong is mere question-begging which, amazingly, u fail to see, even one w. a Ph.d, no less.

So u see how ur own version of "ad baculum" affects urself on the issue/subject of racism--u're intimidated and affected by means of ur habitual political-correctness, a mild form of psychosis, I submit, which the powers use upon u to inflict, in turn, upon ur poor students--and u fall for all this as u're persuaded it's "good," ho ho hoo ho.

What a horrific complex it all then becomes, eh?--starting off w. the fallacious "good," u're then persuaded to be prejudiced upon and towards the significant virtue of racism which holds a nation together.

Thus we see a PERFECT exemplary working of Spengler's "Decline of the West," whence in the hubris of phony/pretended moralism/Pharisaism a people and culture degenerates and commits cultural suicide (see Pat Buchanan's "Suicide of a Superpower"), foreign, alien, and enemy races are then allowed to immigrate, as we see, and the nation is destroyed, now controlled by powers behind ZOG, the former nation used as enforcers to mass-murder other nations in the building of a horrific, murderous empire, as we see presently before our very eyes.

And u're integral part of ZOG imperialists and imperialism, Prof. Mike, unfortunately, even ironically, as we see ur own part is played in the foisting, promotion, and glorification of fallacious "good," the "noble lie" of Plato and Leo Strauss, "good" the WORST enemy of precious (and originally native Christian) TRUTH.  I hope u're proud of urself--"magus" certainly is, as he depends upon u for inspiration, instruction, and encouragement, ho ho ho ho.

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