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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sandy Hook--did ZOG win?--I don't think so--ZOG is in full damage-control, on defense, totally stone-walling--they KNOW they're steadily losing ground....

Go to to see the full vid, 23 mins, of the patriots and Wolf Halbig speaking at the Sandy Hook School Board meeting.  Below is my summation of things.

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Was Sandy Hook Stunt A Success?--Not Much--And They Can Only Lose More Ground
(Apollonian, 8 May 14)

By golly, but those were pretty good, eloquent speeches given by the patriots, including dear old Wolfgang, Fetzer, and Dan Bidondi of, among the others.  I was surprised there were so FEW of the other side to try to gain-say the patriots.

But now I suspect the scum (the hoaxers and frauds) are just going to stone-wall big-time--they KNOW they can't say anything because even the slightest little slip only makes them look worse than they do already, and they're in full damage-control.  Obongo himself, of course, lied about ObamaCare and keeping ur doctor, there's IRS scandal, Benghazi and arming al Qaeda, not to mention the other scandals

So, I guess we, the public demanding info, are stuck now, so little left to do for investigation and getting more facts--that's the big thing then--the REFUSAL of the powers to give-out w. the info.  Like at the beginning of this incident, a year and a half ago now, we have no blood or bodies, and no vid or pictures--and lots of other stuff to say it's all phony.  All the other side has is the corrupt media suppressing info and investigation, and mum's the word for the "officials" and public servants who additionally just insist we're "consp. theorists."

In conclusion u gotta hand it to the perps. and criminals who show how u can fool a significant number of people by means of huge, heavy funding going to paying all the bribes and the efforts to extort the vulnerable dupes.  For myself, it further re-inforces the great effect and power of that MASSIVE funding effort behind things--MONEY TALKS--the crux and root of it being that legalized COUNTERFEIT machine, the US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed").

They (the criminals) planned, literally, for years, and they picked just the right place and the right people to extort and bribe.  But it's a losing battle the criminals are fighting, I think, and they're going to the proverbial "well" too often now for their stinking false-flags--the Boston marathon bombing a few months later was NOT a success--the gun-owners are NOT intimidated, and the people are fighting-back evermore.

I agree w. Alex Jones ( in this instance, about Sandy Hook: "resistance IS victory"--we need merely keep it up.


I also wrote below-copied note to K. Johnson of, who wrote a story on Halbig at

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Don't Under-Estimate Perfidy Of Zionist Powers Behind Things
(Apollonian, 8 May 14)

I want to get word to K. Johnson, who wrote the latest article on W. Halbig.

Keith: I do believe u ought to be very careful about this C.W. Wade character as I suspect he's simply a clean-up artist for the frauds of Sandy Hook.

For I think even u must admit there's still a great paucity of actual evidence, everything considered.  No bodies, no blood, no vid or pictures--NOTHING.

Even if Wolfgang isn't perfect and has made some mistakes, the so-called "errors" u talk about C.W. Wade un-covering are VERY minor, if u think about it.

At this pt., to me, the biggest thing that jumps out is the absolute terror of the "officials" at Sandy Hook/Newtown for giving out info--doesn't this concern u?

I just saw vid of the school-board meeting, and I think Wolfgang, Fetzer, and the others were extremely eloquent for their short speeches and the pt.s they made.

It's okay to be suspicious of Wolfgang, but u shouldn't under-estimate the (a) willingness or (b) ability of the Zionists in charge of things to spend the money and time and to organize this Sandy Hook conspiracy.

Keith: don't forget what the US Federal Reserve Bank is--it's literally a legalized COUNTERFEIT machine which just prints-up all the "money" they need or want--they only have to stop short of a full-blown hyper-inflation, that's all.  Short of hyper-inflation, they can pay-out billions, literally, to bribe people to saying whatever.

These counterfeiters have done same thing for Boston Bombing event too--spared NO expense, if u notice.  Money no object for them.

And otherwise, don't doubt they would have organized and picked-out the sort of people who would do and say what they wanted--people in trouble w. the law, or w. money problems.  What bribery doesn't do, extortion picks-up.

Thanks for ur attn.,  Ap.

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