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Monday, May 19, 2014

Mystic college prof. laments, complains about ZOG cutting-back on funding for edjumacation and thought-control, boo hoo hoo....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Get A Clue: ZOG Is Economizing–Out Of Necessity
(Apollonian, 19 May 14)

Mike: Get clue–MONEY IS RUNNING-OUT–they need it for other important things like police, soldiers, and weapons for enforcing ZOG empire. Don’t u see ZOG trying to gin-up wars, in Iran, Syria, now in Ukraine? ZOG’s easy-money system is running-down, the currency collapsing–they have to economize.

Of course, propaganda and thought-control is important too, but this also must be stream-lined, getting rid of REAL education which doesn’t comport w. thought-control.

U Mike, live by the sword of politically-determined “edjumacation” and thought-control–this is what u get. Only alternative is FREEDOM which u have rejected long ago, along w. reason.

The best thing to be done for REAL education is to completely remove all publically-funded institutions, though this is probably un-realistic right at the moment, but it could and should surely be done at federal level, for sure. The less gov. money, the better for quality education, un-questionably–even though, again, this is un-realistic at the moment.

But never fear, Prof. Mike: ur sort of “ethics” and “philosophy” of mysticism and imaginary “good-evil” is integral part of thought-control ZOG is looking for–u’ll always have a place, even if u’re not paid very much–after all, mysticism and mystics are a dime a dozen.

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