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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Helpless moralists/Pharisaists (subjectivists) can't figure out what reality is, how it works--and they're sooooooo self-righteous about it, too....

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4T Doesn't Seem To Have Helped For "Wonkette"--Such A Tragedy
(Apollonian, 1 July 14)

Wonkette: it's not surprising someone of ur sort is so much "at sea" for simple facts of reality, eh?  Currency-collapse is not only absolute CERTAINTY, it's going on right this very instant--of course u're oblivious, aren't u?--along w. much else of reality.  Currency-collapse is THE PLAN, but of course, u wouldn't know anything about that either, eh?

"Epidemic" wouldn't be a problem if we didn't have a traitor gov. deliberately destroying the currency, terrorizing the people, fostering illegal invasion of the country, trying to dis-arm the people, etc.

"Terrorist attack"?--that is happening, and has already happened, and it's always done by our own gov. (like 9/11) and their allies in other countries, but u're not alert to the facts which mere facts u don't consider important, do u?  Don't look now, but the "ISIS" people now over-running Iraq were armed by US and NATO--w. modern "stinger" missiles which will soon be used shooting-down commercial airliners in Europe and USA whence traitor gov. will demand even more powers for their police-state--but u wouldn't know anything about that, of course.

"Yellowstone blowing"?--even that wouldn't be so bad if we had a decent, non-traitor, gov., but if Yellowstone did blow, u can be sure traitor gov. will demand even more police-state powers.

"Who knows what that catastrophe will be?"--for someone like urself, it doesn't really matter, as u're perfectly set-up to being a victim, no matter what.  4T theory doesn't seem to have helped someone like u (or much of anyone, actually)--it's rather something more like "dungeons and dragons"-type wonder-world whence u can socialize w. others of ur similar sort of smug, moralistic mentality.  Aren't u happy?--isn't 4T such fun?
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[QUOTE=The Wonkette;506149]Has anyone watched Doomsday Preppers on teevee? One of the problems with that show is that the Preppers are preparing for a particular catastrophe. But who knows that the catastrophe will be. Will someone's extensive preps in riding out a currency collapse help if the problem is an epidemic, a terrorist attach on a nuclear reactor, or Yellowstone blowing?[/QUOTE]

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