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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chris Bollyn's "Solving 9-11" is cogent, gripping, detailed, devastating expo for exactly what vicious, murdering terrorists Jews/Israelis really, truly are--a masterpiece of expo & history every patriot MUST read....

9/11: Definitive Jew Rape, Exploitation Of Corrupt, Enslaved, Suckers And Victims Of USA
Book Review: Bollyn's "Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World"
(Apollonian, 20 July 14)

Christopher Bollyn's work, "Solving 9-11...," self-published, 2012; xxxvi, 325 pgs, 317 text, w. selected sources, demonstrates Israeli involvement in 9-11 which was massive, overwhelming, and definitive; Israel played the leading roles for the planning, preparation, operation, cover-up and dis-info--it still does.  Bollyn then gives major details for the 9-11 strike in New York City, all of it additionally well-founded for context in history--as for hist. of Israeli terrorism.  Bollyn's work is a master-piece, MUST reading for everyone, fm novice to veterans (for knowledge of Jew criminality, conspiracy, etc.).

After all, history of Israel is that of criminal terrorists manipulating corrupt and criminal Western imperialists and oligarchs and the repeated mass-murder of Palestinian civilians and others, including Egyptians, as in the Lavon affair of 1954, and even American sailors as in case of USS Liberty in 1967.  Past and present-day leaders of Israel are known terrorists or descended therefrom, including David Ben-Gurion, Shimon Peres, Menachem Begin, Yitshak Shamir, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Tzipi Livni.  Israel is a land and nation born of terrorism--terror is its modus-operandi--and terror is celebrated in holiday anniversaries for the King David Hotel bombing of 1946, for example.  Irony is lost then for the brainless American morons who, addicted to the Jew-tube, blame terror on Arabs, Muslims, white supremacists.

Bollyn's account is focused upon the hits in New York City, essentially leaving out the Pentagon strike and the crash in Pennsylvania.  The account may not be perfect for all the details, for example, idea of planes actually hitting the WTC bldgs., and use of nano-thermite for putative collapse of the bldgs.  For the bldgs didn't actually collapse so much as they were "dustified," according to Dr. Judy Wood (see and

And the videos of planes hitting the bldgs. really seem now to be faked, actual plane-strikes impossible for depiction given in vids, as Dr. James Fetzer (see, among others, has lately brought-out.  The Jew corp. mass-media was un-questionably and plainly intimately involved for conspiracy, deception, and dis-info of the public, fake vids of plane-strikes ready-made on the very day of 9/11.

Bollyn's main thesis is that 9-11 was fully Israeli-directed and -planned terror-event, the American components of conspiracy being secondary, complicit, and merely functional.  Zionists and Israeli activists were (and still are) leaders and main culprits for the 9/11 act, the cover-up, phony investigation, and not least, the distraction/diversion of the mass-corporate Jews-media for keeping American morons' utterly oblivious to horrendous betrayal, deception, and actual take-over of USA perpetrated, the blame placed falsely upon Arabs and Muslims, now steadily being shifted to white and Christian patriots, Americans induced to dirty-work of going to war against Israel's and zionists' enemies, as in Iraq and lately Syria.

Of course, Bollyn skips and overlooks and some important things: (a) beginning w. the monstrous, anti-human teaching of Talmud (see, for best Talmudic expo), Bollyn preferring to continue the pretense there are "good" Jews, only Zionists being questionable and deserving of any blame.

(b) And Bollyn doesn't entirely, evidently, grasp the absolutely massive significance of US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed") legalized COUNTERFEITING, the Fed being primary weapon/mechanism and existential base for all subsequent criminal activity, Jews the masterminds and top powers--the Israelis then being operational king-pins, as for 9/11.

Nonetheless, Bollyn otherwise does brilliantly for noting and listing specific corporations within which Israeli agents operate, one of them, P-tech, having had a contract for programming of US gov. transportation and aviation dept.s and military computers, P-tech, for example, posing as Arab-owned, but actually run by MOSSAD and agents thereof.  Thus confusion of the day (9/11) for military and Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) for discerning actual hijackings fm drills that had been scheduled is so well-explained by Bollyn.

On the day of 9/11 there were five Israeli agents (the "dancing Israelis") and nationals arrested who obviously had prior-knowledge of the coming hit, these Israelis set-up, getting video-recording of the event in real time--they admitted later on Israeli TV they were there to "document the event."  Additionally, the Israeli I-net messaging company, Odigo, sent warnings of the coming hit two hrs before the event.  The Israeli Prime Minister was jubilant, saying 9/11 was "very good" for Israel.  Cui bono?

Of course, long before 9/11, Israelis and MOSSAD agents were planning and discussing the coming hit, as Bollyn documents: in 1980, while Jimmy Carter was still President, a Christian-Zionist flunky of Israel, one Michael D. Evans, interviewed the terrorist MOSSAD agent, and former long-time head, Isser Harel, who told Evans terror would strike USA's tallest building in New York, calling the tallest bldg "symbol of . . . power," this in way of typical Jew invocation of phallic symbology.  Harel was consummate terrorist who was not speaking idly.

Bollyn next shows how the false-flags are typically and most easily set-up--by means of military drills run at the same time, for obvious reasons, the drill merely going "live."  Well-known examples are the London bombings of 7/7/05, and the Baltic ferry, Estonia, in Sep. 1994.  There were numerous drills on 9/11 regarding planes, including planes crashing into bldgs.

Yet another huge item regarding the 9/11 hits is that of the "security" companies which supposedly protected things in USA fm terrorists--it was all owned and controlled by Jews, especially Israelis, fm the NY and New Jersey Port Authority and WTC bldgs, to the airports fm which the planes took off, in Boston and Newark.

Bollyn closes out his book's account of the Zionist control over the 9/11 operations w. a description of the destruction of the rubble evidence, the remains of the bldgs' steel skeleton, most of which, remember had actually been dustified and dis-integrated in mid-air, according to afore-mentioned Judy Wood (see above note).

Thus the Jew Zionist and dual-citizen, Chertoff, deputy US Attorney General, allowed the rubble evidence to be taken and destroyed, this destruction effected by Jew-owned steel scrap companies, like Hugo Neu Corp. and Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc.  In Aug. 2001, Hugo Neu and state of New Jersey paid 24 and 20.5 million dollars, respectively, to dredge out practically a new channel, deepening the old one fm 10 ft to 34 ft., for the larger ships and barges to take the scrap metal to be exported to mills in Asia--all this when the price of scrap steel was at a 50 yr low.  Thus the steel rubble and remains fm the WTC bldgs was cut-up into small pieces, mixed w. other scap steel, and sent to Asia, evidence safely destroyed for Jew/Israeli conspirators.

Thus Bollyn's masterpiece, "Solving 9-11," even if slightly flawed for some details (above-noted), still most effectively demonstrates the thoroughly Jew/Israeli conception, purpose, planning, operations, cover-up, and dis-info in great and meticulous detail; further, it's all back-grounded for definitive history.  At every place for operations, investigation, litigation, and cover-up, including especially the dis-info, there are Jews strategically placed for keeping things air-tight, never the slightest opportunity for any revealing word to getting out.  Bollyn's work is truly MUST reading.

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