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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Criminal corruption is now highly organized, in accord w. CYCLIC nature--answer/solution is rationalist, explicitly anti-semitic Christianity which directly combats Jews' closest collaborators, the JC hereticalists/traitors....

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Criminal Corruption Must Be Analyzed In Large Cultural Scheme, Subject To CYCLIC Nature Of History
(Apollonian, 24 July 14)

Yes Tiger, BUT what then is the root of this organized crime?  For remember, humans are sinners, and we'll always have criminality of some sort.

And as soon as u have government, u got organized crime, the idea being it's "necessary evil" in order to successfully control the free-lance criminals.

Worst of all, u got super-organized crime, PROTECTED by the gov. (hence the cops) when u allow legalized COUNTERFEITING of money-supply, as by "central-banking" and such as US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed"), the Fed now the basis of all organized crime as THEY FUND IT, now paying-off all the politicians and judges (w. only very few exceptions who often get assassinated).  It's CYLCIC process in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."

So naturally, the criminals at the top, controlling gov. makes drugs, gambling, prostitution illegal--in order for them to enjoy MONOPOLY, able to charge very highest prices, at same time jailing people who are dissidents to all the gov. corruption, providing slave-labor now for the prisons who pay prisoners practically nothing.

That's why necessary first step for revolution to removing this horrific organized criminality, now determined upon the extermination of humanity in accord w. "AGENDA-21," is removal/overthrow of such "central-banking," the institution then of the only proper, HONEST money, commodity-money, hence gold/silver--which doesn't need gov. enforcement or "legal-tender" laws.

But HOW to do this?--removal of central-banking?--well, it's impossible because the criminals are just too strong--they just buy everyone, and too many are willing to be bought--long as the money remains stable.  What happens is the central-banking system COLLAPSES, practically by itself--and Christians just have to be ready and organized as the system collapses, as is happening, esp. here in Jew S A.

Further, The Christian revolutionaries MUST BE ANTI-SEMITIC, as Jews are the master-minds behind everything of organized crime, beginning w. the "banking" at the top of things--and it's not just "Zionists"--problem is ALL Jews.

Tiger: u gotta face-up to Jews' basic document, the Talmud, which teaches Jews (not just "Zionists") to hate humanity as enemies, teaching it's ok to lie to and murder gentiles, that Christ was rightfully executed, that Christ's mother was prostitute, etc.  Ck or for best Talmudic expo.

See tiger, u must understand the PHILOSOPHY behind Talmud, there being nothing of TRUTH BUT FOR WHAT SERVES JEWS ("what's good for Jews").  Thus Jews promote Platonist subjectivism, reality being whatever they want it to be.

Christianity worships TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--above "faith," "good," peace, or love--truth then necessarily requiring the OBJECTIVE, hence Aristotelian reality.

Thus as history is CYCLIC, following the determinist, objective nature of reality (Aristotle), the weaklings and inferiors must die-out as the corrupt, Jew-dominated culture inevitably collapses, the true Christian element only gradually taking control by default as the Jew masterminds, additionally, begin to falling-out w. one another upon principle of "NO HONOR among thieves," their enforcers among the inferiors and weaklings steadily dying-out and -off.

Hence first, primary, and immediate target for true Christian patriots must be the Jews' foremost suck-alongs and collaborators, the "Judeo-Christian" (JCs--see and for expo on JCs) hereticalists and traitors who support Israeli terror-state.

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