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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Tea-Party: epochal uprising--only the beginning, don't doubt....

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T-Party: Epochal Up-Rising Against Oligarchal Establishment--It's Only The Beginning
(Apollonian, 6 Jul 14)

T-party is essentially a bunch of libertarians, at least for philosophy, who, however, have been infiltrated by Israel-first neo-cons working to subvert the movement fm within. Observe the gross fraud perpetrated in state of Mississippi Rep. Senatorial primary just a few days ago, Rep. insiders and establishment desperate to steal election fm T-party.

Note the USA is in death-throes, financially, on the brink of horrific HYPER-inflation (as of Weimar Germany of early-to-mid 1920s, which ushered-in Adolf Hitler), already in intermediate stages. T-party naturally is largest, over-all political group hoping and trying to save financial/economic situation much as this is possible by means of "reactionary"-seeming radical cutting of spending, taxes, and, perhaps most of all, dictatorial gov. "regulations," including totally treasonous "executive orders" issued by Obama and other presidential usurpers.

This T-party movement is HUGE, even epochal, phenomenon, entailing a tremendous portion of the population, perhaps 20-25%, to remove the suicidal course of USA and to restore Constitutional rule. In fact, note it's mere first stages of a great war, for when present ruling oligarchs (Council on Foreign Relations [CFR], Trilateralists, Bilderbergers) have been apprehended there will have to be trials for gross treason, mass-murder, etc., whence many, many of these criminals will have to be publically executed, much like French Rev. times--that's just HOW epochal T-party movement is.

Indeed, as CYCLIC historian, I note this great episode we're presently witnessing will have to harken back to the original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great as way of uniting the people against the oligarchs. Afore-mentioned criminal oligarchs are extremely desperate and that's why they're deliberately trying to confuse and muddy-the-waters w. wars in Iraq, Syria, and now, as we see, in Ukraine. Watch-out for up-coming false-flag, which must also entail removal of I-net which has proven such a disaster to the oligarchs. T-party activity is only the beginning of on-going revolution against oligarchs.

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