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Thursday, July 17, 2014

ZOG is LOSING the info-war/battle over Sandy Hook fraud, false-flag, conspiracy, never doubt, ho ho ho....

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Power Of Inductive Logic, Especially For Investigations
(Apollonian, 17 Jul 14)

This is another fantastic analytic expo by HoaxAtSandyHook.

Note perhaps the most important thing is that folks understand the investigation and HOW investigations properly work--and how then people must begin to grasp and understand.

For it (investigation) is INDUCTIVE (generalization) process--same as for SCIENCE.  Thus (a) little bits, details, and particular facts are collected--and a general conclusion is made based upon this evidence.  (b) THEN the conclusion/theory is tested, and one tries to DIS-PROVE it.

And necessary conclusion is Sandy Hook "massacre" is fraud and hoax--as all evidence pt.s to it, and any other "evidence" doesn't hold-up.

So now, all we need do is to "sell" this understanding about induction, science, etc., to the public--and, additionally, to showing how all the major players of establishment work sedulously to AVOID this public svc and education, and rather to confusing, diverting, and dis-informing the public.  Thanks again for ur great blog and info--keep it up, by golly.  A.

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Info-War Is Being Won, Slowly Perhaps, But Steadily Nonetheless--Thanks To Heroes Like HoaxAtSandyHook
(Apollonian, 17 Jul 14)

Given my first comment above, assuming it will be published, an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT pt. and CONCLUSION must be drawn--NECESSARILY.

And that is that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE, NONE, to effect there was real crime committed of nature claimed by the advocates of the hoax--NOTHING--no bodies, blood, or anything WHATSOEVER.

All the "evidence" pushed by the frauds and hoaxes is inconclusive, notional, speculative, and circumstantial at best.

Was it Nancy Lanza's (or anyone else's) blood?--well then, what's the analysis of the blood?--what was its type, etc.?--does it match any prior record of a Nancy Lanza and her blood?--her family?--brothers or sisters or parents?

What were, and where are the bullets in question?--can they be proven to have been shot fm the guns alleged to belong to Lanzas?

Pt. is THERE'S NO EVIDENCE--NONE--and everything that might provide evidence is being covered-up (a), and (b) further, it's being covered-up ILLEGALLY by the public officials in question, TOTALLY against the law.  (c) Further still, mass-media is helping the fraud/hoax.

So actually, when everything is considered--esp. regarding these illegal refusals of gov. officials for disclosing the evidence, we see the TRUE PICTURE which is that of gross fraud, hoax, and criminal conspiracy, esp. on part of gov. officials.

Further, this PICTURE, above-noted, is being suppressed by the mass-media.  And now we only have the informal media, like HoaxAtSandyHook and others to DRAMATIZE these most pertinent facts to the public, say about how the inductive, scientific, and proper investigative process works, and what it gives in way of info (or "PICTURE," as I emphasize).

Thus the inductive evidence for fraud/hoax is OVER-WHELMING, in all truth and honesty.

So far, I'd say, progress for people's info may be slow, but it's un-questionably steady and telling, esp. w. the steadfast efforts of HEROES, literally, of the "info-war," to take a phrase fm dear old fat-head Alex Jones.  Keep up ur great work.  A.

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