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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ap explains Christianity, Aristotle to . . . Platonistic, yuppie, trendy, whatever....

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Eric The Platonist Reduced To Absurd
(Apollonian, 5 July 14)

 Eric: The Fed is a criminal enterprise, literally mere legalized COUNTERFEITING--can't u grasp this?--it just prints-up (and digitalizes) fiat-money--why is it they can do this, but we can't?--doesn't that tell u anything?

Imagine if u or I could just print-up all the "money" we pleased while no one else could, we having a monopoly in that. How would we not end-up owning and controlling everything?

Eric, u poor fool: can't u figure-out u have no idea what money properly is and must be?--it must be commodity, finite in quantity w. its own "intrinsic value"--which then serves as medium-of-exchange, store-of-value, and unit-of-account.

Christ was Gallilean, Gallilee a province which was conquered in the 3rd to 2nd cent. BC by earlier Judeans (not "Jews"), but yes, Christ was reputedly descended fm Jude and David, so u can say he had "semitic" heritage, "semite" referring to a language group, but the phrase, "anti-Semitic" having, esp. lately, been arrogated by Jews, meaning anti-Jew--which is how I use it when I note Christ was foremost anti-Semite (anti-Jew). St. Paul was another magnificent anti-Semite.

Eric, try to think, buddy--use that peanut lodged up there within ur little head--what do u think Christianity was made for, in Hegelian style as anti-thesis?--it was deliberately designed as anti-Pharisaic which Pharisees had allied w. the upper-class Sadducees and dominated the people of Judea, Christ, clarifying the original Mosaic law, explicitly (according to Gosp. JOHN, as I noted) up-holding TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH as foremost ideal--AGAINST lies, esp. the lies of the Pharisees (JOHN 8:44), the Jews foremost liars, criminals, and mass-murderers, as history demonstrates.

Eric: doesn't it strike u u're guilty of question-begging fallacy?--there is no "creativity" by humans, who can only discover the laws of reality and work according to. Note if the world were objective, it would also include the sort of subjectivity as we humans understand--it's either-or: MONISM, world is either totally objective, even though it includes human consciousness which struggles w. subjectivity, or it isn't (objective), in which case anything goes, and there would be no discernible order.

And lay-off the "quantum physics" crap which u know NOTHING about.

Cause-effect was "dis-proven"?--ho ho ho--too bad u know nothing about such "proof." Eric, don't u feel like a perfect fool, babbling like a child that cause-effect was disproven, yet knowing nothing about it?--just repeating stupid crap like the dumbest little child?

U have 2 choices for beginning premises/assumptions in metaphysics: (a) Aristotelian objectivity ("Immanence") or Platonist ("transcendence") subjectivism. Objectivity gives us order, making sense, but subjectivism makes us all hubristic, false "Gods"--like u, filled w. fatuity, smarm, and smug Pharisaism, lying to urself, like a Jew. Subjectivism means anything goes, everything is both true and false at same time--no wonder u love it, pretending u're "good." Ho ho ho ho ho

--------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------

Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Green View Post
....I understand; that's why I know the FED is necessary, and works to an extent.

Christ WAS a Semite. So shut up.

It's real experience. And implied by quantum physics.

I don't have to play God. I AM God, and so is everything, and everyone.

Objective, empirical science is always after-the-fact; it cannot explain anything creative or spontaneous.

Absolute cause and effect was disproven by Plato, Hume, Bohr and others. Postulating or "explaining" a "cause" is merely to require an earlier cause to explain it, ad infinitum. And it's to try (and fail) to separate out one cause from an infinity of factors to explain an event. No, "cause" is not absolute; it is partial, and its only purpose in human knowledge is technology.

Aristotle proposed the unmoved mover, active in all living things. That is correct. All living things are souls, and souls are self-moving (Plato) unmoved movers (Aristotle).


Eric: Headed For Horrific Come-Uppance For Gross Hubris
(Apollonian, 5 July 14)

 Eric: interesting isn't it u're so crushingly refuted when I present to u Jefferson's consp. theory as contained in Dec. of Independence, not to mention the consp. theory of New Test. Of course u have nothing to say about it, eh? Ho ho hoho.

Next, u just lie about Plato who equated "Good" w. truth and "beauty" as most fundamental archetypes, as I understand. Thus "good" was prescribed by the top "philosophers" of Plato's fascist republic. And "good" is the very justification of Plato's fascism and all/any fascism, including bolshevism and Marxism, etc.

And then u gotta lie about Kant too, eh?--who just re-phrases Plato for the real "noumenal" "reality" and hence world of "good-evil"--just more Platonist-style subjectivism in slightly diff. sort of wording.

Get a clue Eric--(Christian) honesty is best policy, and "good" is worst enemy of truth and justice, false, non-existent "good" foundation of fascism, mass-murder, etc. Note Christ affirms we're all sinners, confirmed by St. Paul, and St. Augustine formulates exactly how "good" ("good-works") is Pelagian heresy; Luther then re-affirmed this over a thousand yrs later.

Eric: quit lying to urself; get a clue, and note u're headed for a horrific enlightenment when u discover what hubristic fool u really, truly are.

------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------

Quote Originally Posted by Eric the Green View Post
....Plato's Republic was ideal, not fascist; a model and not a prescription. Plato understood that certain people have different abilities, and should pursue them; and that education should enable those best qualified to rule to develop and emerge. Kant reformulated the golden rule, which is a great foundation for ethics and virtue also found in all religions.

No proper philosopher gives any credence to conspiracy theories. You are developing the grand unified field theory of conspiracy; a compendium of error for our times. Quite an ambitious project!

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