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Friday, July 11, 2014

Lesbian (these scum always gotta pretend they're "tough," eh?--ho ho ho) needs setting-straight by apster, hoh o ho hoh o ho....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at

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"Kepi's" Defective Analysis Stops Short Of Full Exposition
(Apollonian, 11 July 14)

Interesting analysis (see below-copied): un-questionably enforcement is necessary component for any political system, including one entailing, including, assuming "rights"--which u don't seem to understand.

Hence "right" is a prerogative which follows fm agreement, hence SOCIAL CONTRACT, in case of USA, the Const., the basic law of the land, made by the states.

Thus among people of the West, hence CHRISTIANS, people agree in reason to natural rights, "right" understood as a liberty, a freedom of action--an activity.

So for a moron like u, "kepi" dearest, "right" follows fm reason, as reason is NECESSARY for human living/life--get it?  Thus reason (thinking) is the first necessity, hence "right"--get it?--and then everything follows fm this reason, in accord w. AGREEMENT, or "contract," esp. the soc. contract, in case of USA, the CONSTITUTION--ever hrd of it?

U ask, "Who cares what specific individuals want?"  U then state, "It's large groups with power that get what they want."  Well, actually "large groups" are made of individuals, so individuals are important, and they don't know what to do as group until/unless they figure things out (reason), and then agree to concerted action--get it, moronic one?  ho ho hoo ho  US Const. was the product of their thought and agreement--get it?  Ho o ho hoh o

So yes indeed, the civilization failed for proper observance of Constitution, the North imagining, being persuaded the South was enemy--un-fortunately--and USA has struggled ever since, humanity now on brink of extermination because of the same powers which persuaded North to make war on South--the "bankers," led by Rothschilds (Jews).

So, in conclusion, we're led now to problem of the Jews--which is subject all its own.

-----------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

Quote Originally Posted by Kepi View Post
It's pathetic bleating either way. Either you have the numbers to amass a force powerful enough to get your way, or you don't. Rights are what governments bestow on people to make them easier to govern, they're not these intrinsic, God given entitlements that every person has just because they were born our fortunate enough to be born within the correct borders. So, who cares if the south had the right to secede? They failed, were destined to fail, and here we are today. Who cares what specific individuals want? It's large groups with power that get what they want. Want something? You have to have the power to make it happen first.

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