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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Currency collapsing, ZOG oligarchs MUST try to diverting the people in war....

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Oligarchs Want To Divert People's Attn From Economic Collapse
(Apollonian, 1 Jul 14)

Ok, fair question (see below-copied)--the only honest nation is Iran, I think.  USA is gross, horrific, satanic Jew-run/controlled empire, mass-murdering people, as in Iraq, having killed over a million, I understand.  Russia is also quite a bit involved in the Council on Foreign Relations/Trilateralist/Bilderberg conspiracy, playing a role, but they must realize they could well be victimized by the master-criminals of USA.  So it's much a charade being played by USA and Russia, Russians quite nervous that they're not double-crossed.

See, the surest factor to watch and keep eye on is collapsing of global economy, including esp. USA, the various fiat-currencies horrifically inflated and collapsing--so, they (the criminals at the top) will need something for diversion against the people who are liable to revolt and start offing the scum, French-rev. -like.

And it's typical thing for oligarchs to starting wars to divert fm economic troubles.  It's tough to see any sure out-come, though.

So what I'm hoping is that as currency collapses the heretofore too-willing enforcers (like the berserk cops we so often hear about lately) in USA will see oligarchs they work for are satanic scum, even the enforcers not able now to feeding their own families, etc.  Then the oligarchs themselves must begin to falling-out w. one another upon principle of no-honor-among-thieves.

Personally, I pray for a St. Constantine the Great figure to arise, reviving the old commonwealth, but it might not be too likely, and hence, by means of states-rights and nullification, perhaps significant chunks of old USA could well be saved, rights of the naturally dominant white race restored, for example--which doesn't actually require anything terribly dramatic or drastic, but merely the same old rule-of-law in accord w. Constitution, sanctity-of-contract, etc.--which in fact would actually benefit all races and peoples--except Jews, of course, who will have to be dealt with, interned, separated by sex, and watched carefully as they die out.

History must put paid to Judaism, and generations hence must be able to look-back and see Jews passed fm existence due to their hatred of humanity, that hatred reciprocated in justice, the Jews then expired like the dodo bird.  And naturally, the allies of the Jews will have to be dealt-with similarly, the homosexuals and phony "Christians" called "Judeo-Christians" (JCs).  In fact, in order to deal w. Jews, JCs will have to be treated first, Christianity properly defined and understood.  I hope this begins to answer ur question.

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Ok, apollonian simple question, what is your opinion of the contest between the US, Russia, and Iran.

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