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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Smooth, slick, satanic gun-grabber tries to face-down apster, who tells him he's satanic traitor....

Below-copied by ap first published at

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Satanist Reveals His Treason--Too Easily For His Own Good
(Apollonian, 3 July 14)

No, it's TREASON, partner (see below-copied)--u don't seem to grasp it's not merely matter of Const.; it's matter of natural rights and human reason, the right to self-defense.  And what does a presumptuous sort like u know about what traitorous scum are "concerned with," eh?  Of course fascism and dictatorship are ALWAYS justified in "saving lives" or some other such moralist/Pharisiaist excuse/pretext.

War is simply violence on a larger than mere individual scale, that's all, and "sovereign" can be any individual, so u're just full of excrement, fiddling w. meanings of words urself.  And the fraudulent and not-so-violent dis-arming of victims can well be part and adjunct of the larger warfare, un-questionably.

Dis-arming the opponent in one form or another has always been integral part of warfare.  What u're doing here is to intellectually and emotionally dis-arm the people w. ur lies and twisting of meanings and definitions--for which subversion u have the gall to accuse me.

However I DO see what u want to pretend: that only outright acts of violence qualify as act of war, but regardless, such fraud for dis-armament is integral part of war-making, as I note, and it fits PERFECTLY for the other qualification of "adhering w. enemies."

"Worth interacting with"?--ho ho ho--u're just concerned w. making ur own opinion "stick," right?  And ur "opinion" about militia not being necessary to "security of US" is absurd and false--have u hrd about the berserk cops murdering people?--lots more folks in USA have been killed by these psycho cops than any "terrorists."  And what's ur problem for grasping INTERNAL ENEMIES?  Being armed is absolutely necessary as it always has been--nothing has changed.

Get this straight: WE DON'T WANT ANY OF UR "CHANGES" TO US CONSTITUTION, get it, pal?  Right to self-defense is not negotiable--it should suffice to tell u once, but u're serious about conning folks into giving-up their rights.  What u need is a good beating, I'd say, but then u might re-cover and try to come-back for revenge, eh?

"Rational conversation"?--with a pompous, patronizing, presumptuous, traitorous sort like u?--u wish, don't u, imagining u can fool others like u fool urself.

I can tell u're actually quite a clever, devilish type, and I'm even somewhat flattered u'd bother to take time and effort to ply ur lies and subterfuge upon me, ho ho ho--and u're well complemented, I'd say, for all the rather dumb-bunnies who think they're sooooooooo "progressive" and trendy, who inhabit this site, who give u cover.

Take my advice, comrade: ur worst enemy is urself--as u seem to have urself genuinely fooled for "saving lives" and such stupid crap, even if it's typical.  And I'm even a little insulted for ur effrontery, don't doubt.  But note ur life is actually forfeit, as u've effectively admitted to TREASON.  Life is tough for a satanist like urself, eh?--u're sooooooooo clever, u think, but then u reveal urself when u try "reasoning" for justification for treason.  Poor u.

--------------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------

....The vast majority of the gun control crowd is attempting to use democratic due process to change internal US policy. They are concerned with saving lives, though they are often ignorant of history, law and statistics. Thus is known as politics as usual, not as treason.  [See above link for full text.]

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