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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Observe psychology of humanity follows CYCLIC process of Spenglerian "Decline of the West," becomes progressively subjectivistic....

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Remember: Reality Is Objective, But Humanity Is Sinful--Especially In Way Of Hubris, Subjectivism, Moralism
(Apollonian, 23 Aug 14)

Note the necessary conditions & consequences of CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler: the pioneers & originators of the culture are honest and necessarily hard-working (like the original Romans, for example)--they're REALITY-oriented, hence empiricist, Aristotelian (though of course, they surely don't understand things in such clinical terms).

But then what happens for the following generations?--they become inexorably more and evermore corrupt--ESPECIALLY in way of moralism/Pharisaism, pretending to a perfectly "free," god-like human will--HUBRIS.  Thus follower generations reject empiricism in favor of dis-connected abstractions and "theoreticalism."

These follower generations are perfectly reflected by the present-day advocates of "climate-change"--who cannot give even a SINGLE concrete (empirical) fact to demonstrate this supposed "climate-change."  Typically, all they (these follower generations) can do is refer to others, esp. in way of "studies," just classic fallacy of arg.-fm-authority, as I've noted.

Further, note these abstracted theoreticalists favor their own kind--ESPECIALLY for the gov. jobs and positions, pushing this sort of abstracted dis-connectedness.

Soon enough, as we see presently, the society is absolutely dominated by this sort of Pharisaic-oriented, moralistic, dis-connected--including, especially, homosexuals in positions of substantial authority--high office.

And note these people, Pharisaist and abstracted, are totally influenced and moved in way of group-thinking--practical communists--the entire society become oriented in this abstracted, moralistic, and collectivistic manner--and it will continue until the DEATH of the society, collapsing for the money and economic system and especially war.

So u see, as long as the money continues to be accepted as payment for goods & svcs the ruling regime is likely to persist and prevail--meantime, real patriots must continue to NETWORK and relate w. fellow humans by means of Christian worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all, per Gosp. JOHN.

------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------

Good interview. I am a member of Winston's ScepCop forum. Haven't checked it out in awhile, but lots of interesting discussion on there relating to issues of the paranormal and conspiratorial.

Regrettably, I pretty much concur with his assessment of American society as it exists in the year 2014. Most of the population, especially those in the 20 to 40 age range, are as jaded and cynical as could be. There is an overall attitude of conformism and selfishness that is quite disheartening to observe. Anyone with interests outside the realm of professional sports, video games, casual sex, tattoos (yes, tattoos) or just mindless self gratification, are hard pressed to fit in either on the job or in social habitats such as bars and nightclubs. In fact, the only time I venture into one of the local bars is to pick up my nightly six pack of Budweiser after a hard days work. The women you see on average have such a hardened, narcissistic look about them, I couldn't even imagine having the misfortune of having to be around one of them for more than 15 minutes. Most of them look deeply unhappy beneath the fake, ever so cool facade. It is a wasteland out here.

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