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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Half-assed equation of kikes w. gentiles is not acceptable....

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The Holohoax Is NOTHING But Lies; Nazis Were Heroes--And This Is What Half-Asses Can't Figure Out
(Apollonian, 6 Aug 14)

So Tiger: is this posting ur own work?--I don't see any other attribution citation as u often give.

Regardless, I think u go far too far for ur laying a "pox on all their houses."  And u DON'T express the proper historical attitude of TRUTH above all, equating as u do Jew filth and murderers WHO WORSHIP LIES along w. gentiles and Christians.

U can't seem to figure-out that Jews are DIFFERENT, and their stinking, filthy religion is DIFFERENT.  And THERE ARE NO "GOOD" JEWS--they all follow the Talmud and/or are loyal to those who do.

The Jew-associated allies are the murderers, Nazis WERE NOT, and this is demonstrable by the actual facts of history.

U need to find out what the Talmud teaches--see and for best Talmudic expo.

Jews MUST lie--lies are ALL THEY DO, all they're good for, and lying about the holohoax is NECESSARY for them to justify their lies about everything else and their mass-murders of gentiles as we see recently, just a few days ago in Gaza.

If ur "ART" is similar to this idiot, half-assed "history" u present for this posting, U'RE WORTHLESS.  U need to start to getting a clue and cut this half-baked bullshit appropriate only for children, buddy.

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