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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Fetzer ought to get to fundamentals for cultural de-construction of USA and West--done by means of moralism/Pharisaism....

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Jew Destruction of West And USA--Good Subject For Fetzer Analysis
(Apollonian, 19 Aug 14)

This was great show James.  U know, I listen to Alex Jones ( everyday, the whole show, and it strikes me u do a much better broadcast, generally.  Sometimes Alex can be quite lucid on various issues, guns, vaccines and GMOs, etc., but he gets old w. his self-righteousness and pushing Jews and Israel, always knocking Adolf Hitler who merely strove to defend against Jew take-over of the world.

But I guess Alex's dis-advantage is he has to go on and on EVERY DAY, ho ho ho--whereas u can take a rest and arrange ur facts and presentation.

I think there's only one subject-area u might be over-looking and that regards the Christian foundation to American/Western culture which is presently being de-constructed--and who else would/could do this so willingly and cheerfully but these scummy, infernal Jews?

I'm sorry u had to take-down part of the dialectic I was having w. dear "Joannie Edwards," who's obviously a Jew (see below blog-article), who further has the INCREDIBLE chutzpah to declaim and declare unto Christians what Christianity is properly all about, she saying it has to do w. "love," ho ho ho ho

So u see James, what has happened: the Christian foundation to our entire society/culture has been effectively de-constructed by these infernal Jews, along w. their trendy little homosexual buddies on the left, and especially their idiot mignons on the "right"--the Judeo-Christian (JC--also known as "Christian Zionists"--see and for expo) hereticalists who support terror-state of Israel.

Thus the Spenglerian "Decline of the West" continues--a CYCLIC course and process of determinist, Objective (Aristotelian) reality/nature.

Notice James: the Jews brilliantly oppose the determinist and objective nature of reality--hence CHRISTIANITY--by means of fallacious, hubristic perfect "freedom" of will, thus moralism/Pharisaism.  And Jews do this by means of taking advantage of the corruption of the following generations fm original pioneers/soldiers who made the state in the first place, the following generations being perverted, hedonistic, and most tragically, fatally, PHARISAIST--thus destruction of basic Christianity.

Like I noted: there are excellent sources for analysis/discussion about this Jew corruption of Christian culture--at,, and
Keep up ur great work.

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