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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Moralist/Pharisaist disease, how it succeeds in the CYCLIC degeneration of psychology of people....

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"Good" Worst Enemy Of Truth, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 17 Aug 14)

To James Fetzer: James, one thing for which u can be gratified, and indication u're doing such generally excellent job for ur display of logic, analysis, and conspiracy exposition is this intense and HEAVY-DUTY sort of mock and phony criticism, commentary, etc., u're getting--and FM WHOM IT'S COMING--Jews, and not just "Zionists"--these playing "good-Jew, bad-Jew ("Zionist")" game.

It's also significant for this particular blog on Dennis Cimino who himself expresses rather serious questions about these Jew monsters--not just "Zionists"--just take this psycho, "one-born-brainless," w. his obsessive, repetitive, even rather pathetic insistence Christ was Jew (ho ho ho).

James (and Dennis Cimino too): note u get the "flak" esp. when u're over proverbial "target," fellows, don't forget, don't doubt--and here, as in these comments section, u see and confirm definitively.

But honestly, u probably ought to continue w. the good-Jew, "Zionist" false dichotomy, in order to keep ur BlogSpot blog here, as I've seen BlogSpot and wordpress RUTHLESSLY suppress blogs when they get the pressure fm u-know-who, eh?  Ho ho ho ho

And don't forget, Jews have nearly INFINITE funding resources w. their COUNTERFEIT scams, legal and illegal too--they can just pay endlessly for numerous "trolls" and (dis-info) artists--like "one-born-brainless," ho ho o ho ho

In ur interview, I noted Dennis Cimino express his puzzlement for the state of the culture, its mentality and psychology, and I assure u there's really quite simple explanation for which there's most excellent reference in, for example, Spengler's "Decline of the West," hist. best understood, first of all, as CYCLIC--which the ancient Greeks (Herodotus and Thucydides). understood also.

Consider USA (Jew S A, Jews in full control, as by means of their COUNTERFEIT scam, US Federal Reserve Bank): original pioneer generation have given way now to GROSS inferiors for spirit, courage, intellect, etc.--a bunch of cowardly little hedonists, people scared-to-death of Jews, minorities, and now even homosexuals, ho ho ho ho ho.

More specifically, what actually happens, mentally and psychologically for these gross, pathetic inferiors who now make-up our so-called people?--I submit Pharisaist moralism takes over, nullifying and crowding-out (Christian) TRUTH and honesty, the inferior generations imagining that "good" pre-empts such truth and honesty.

And James, as philosophical, u can see it in form of the objective grasp giving way to the subjective, hence moralistic--Pharisaism--is it any wonder then Jews, not just "Zionists" rule so completely as they do?

For note Jews are not merely champion liars--anyone can lie and fall prey to that sort of subjectivistic habit--for Jews are united, organized, and so well-"connected," never doubt--no wonder they rule so absolutely, w. such iron-grip, eh?--Jews the leaders of organized crime, Jews mass-murdering at will, w. impunity as we know and are so amazed to observe happening over and again.

But proverbial "worm" will turn when these Jew monsters suffer the collapse of the money-banking system as is actually happening--that's why they're so intensively striving to gin-up war, as in Ukraine, now.

The way to prepare is, for one basic thing, to unite, inspire, and connect the people by means of that sentimental impulse for Christian TRUTH and honesty, everything after that following most logically and naturally.

Thus James, u might consider interviewing some serious, less fearful, less impressed-w.-Jews -type of Christians, like Charles Carlson of, Ted Pike of, and Mike A. Hoffman of who could fill u in w. some outstanding info, indubitably.
Keep up ur great work, fellows.

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