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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sublime, intensive, insistent treason--all founded in moralism, though the psycho claims logic, law, etc....

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Jews Are Not Rational Humans, Have No Rights; Deserve Death
(Apollonian, 27 Aug 14)

Idiot: "Bible" is literature, man-made--get it?  Only the Bible itself (or sources within) say it's "word-of-God."

Respect for traditional, American principle of "rights of individual" is MEANS TO END.  "Rights of individual" ARE NOT NOT NOT NOT the end.  End would be happiness, prosperity, etc.

In war, the enemy has no rights--they're to be treated in most economic/efficient way, collectivistically, destroyed whole-sale.  Jews are enemies of humanity--BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION--ck their Talmud.

Criminals, for example, FORFEIT their rights and are executed, this for the safety and self-defense of the society--same goes for Jews, only good one is a dead one.

U, a traitor, want to deny & ignore reality (like the Talmud), on grounds of moralism, and speak for Jews, insisting, falsely, they're humans (they're not) deserving of respect for their "rights."  U're a traitor who should be killed (after a fair trial, of course).

U will, no doubt, now repeat ur idiotic arguments to effect judgment cannot or should not be passed against Jews collectively, but as they call themselves Jews, thus endorsing their war against humanity, hence murdering monsters, they bring judgment against themselves, consistent w. rules of war (such as they are) and reasonable self-defense.  Q.E.D.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

But Apsterian,

If the Bible was the word of God in the first place - why did it need revision from man? Don't you sense a contradiction there - or at least hubris? Ha ha ha ha.

I do agree that without "God" in the discussion - we are left only with "Man." I've written about that in the past - I wish I could remember where- but without an appeal to a higher authority - we are simply left with charlatans like royal families etc... to bow to before being beheaded - or cooked with next-generation weapons systems.

The American way is to respect the rights of the individual - you refuse to address that issue with respect to condemnation of Jews in general. You cannot escape that problem unless you make a change in your argument it seems to me.


------------------------JR then responded to mine at very top, here, w. below------------------------


You are still clinging to blanket statements about "Jews" , which you still cannot define -

You are not doing what Jesus would do - he would NEVER make statements like you are making according to the Bible.

Law - not religion is the only way to go for peace in the end. If one desires war - stick with the religious angle I'd say -



Thomas Paine would definitely disagree with you.

-------------------------------ap responded to above by JR, below---------------------

JR: Demented Traitor
(Apollonian, 27 Aug 14)

"[B]lanket statements"--ur term for general statements--are perfectly justified in logic and reason, as anyone can see for himself.  U make no sense when u say I "still cannot define."

U're just a stupid liar.  Christ would surely be willing to state plain truth, as I do.  Jews are anti-human enemies and should, must, and will be exterminated, along w. their allies, traitors like u.

And there's no peace w. Jew monsters, stupid, regardless ur psychotic repetitions.

And if u pretend T. Paine, who was mere propagandist, after all, has something to say, u ought to supply some kind of reference or quotation.

U're such a moron, desperate to pretend to moralism, but only demonstrating treason.

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