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Friday, August 15, 2014

"Good"--is truly the worst enemy of TRUTH and Christ, un-questionably....

Below-copied essays & dialectic by ap first published at comments,

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Heck Is For Pharisaists Like "One-Born-Brainless"
(Apollonian, 15 Aug 14)

Yes, "one-born-brainless": the "truth" is that no matter what, Jews must be upheld sacro-sanct, which u've duly demonstrated like good little, obedient suck-along.

No "provocation"?--u're just a liar--like yest. when I carefully explained to u Jews are Talmudists by definition--which u ignore as u consider "moralism" to be the only "truth," above any other possibility, such moralism/Pharisaism foremost consideration of metaphysics--not just ethics, ho ho ho ho.

But I'm sure ur fellow moralists are sooooooooooooooooooo impressed w. ur detached, dis-connected, abstracted air u project, such an "advanced" thinker, oblivious to reality, but filled w. unction which is most important to schizoids like u, ho hoo ho ho ho.

Fetzer might have to spend some time in purgatory, but long as he respects TRUTH (Christ) he has good chance to making it to Heaven, truth (Christ) being only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

Jews HATE truth (JOHN 8:44), and that's why u're so sympathetic w. those precious Satanists, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho

---------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------------

J.Fetzer said: "It should be obvious by now that OBF is not one to be affected by evidence. He damns the show"

Thank you for jumping to your erroneous conclusions so quickly, as per usual, Mr Fetzer.

In point of fact, my comment was not a criticism of the show, which as I mentioned, I had not even listened to- but [merely] a prediction as to the general import of the responses that would be posted here in the comments section.

And thank you for your negative endorsement of my personality [as you see it] also.

It's merely a continuation of what you have been calling me, with no provocation from myself, for more than a year, both here and at Veterans Today. :-)

But anyhoo, keep on ignoring the truth Mr Fetzer.
See you in hell:

"Hell To Pay" :

Regards, onebornfree

-------------------------above in response to below-copied--------------------------

A perfect illustration of why I regard OBF as a complete and total loss to humanity. I follow the evidence where it leads, which, in some cases, is to Israel. But that is simply what the evidence shows.

It should be obvious by now that OBF is not one to be affected by evidence. He damns the show--a rather interesting interview, by the way--without even bothering to hear it first. THAT is classic OBF at work!

---------------------------ap responded to above, below-copied----------------------------

I'm still listening to the show--about half-way done, so far, but it's good details and facts--u've certainly done ur homework, prof.

"One-born-brainless" seems to be one of those "advanced-thinkers" who places "moralism" (Pharisaism) above everything else, including TRUTH, the worst enemy of truth being (non-existent) "good."

And since Jews control (a) banking, hence (b) public edjumacation and (c) the mass-media so well, so sublimely, "one-born-brainless" has learned his lesson well, and "understands" that a truly "moral" person would never even begin to conceive the foggiest notion which would even suggest that the holy, chosen people could even be remotely capable of any sort of criminality--perish the thought--after all, remember the holohoax, by golly. Ho hoo ho

Where I'd differ w. u, Prof., is the false-distinction btwn Jews and "Zionists"/Israel--they're all followers of Talmud. There's no "good" Jew any more than there's good psychopath (Talmudist). Take care. A.

----------------------------earlier, "OneBornFree" had posted below-copied-------------------------

Let me hazard a guess here, without even having listened to the show yet:

Whatever conspiracies were discussed here, "da jooz dunnit", right?

Regards, onebornfree

-------------------------------ap then responded w. below-copied----------------

Case Against Jews Is Simple Matter Of Science & Evidence
(Apollonian, 15 Aug 14)

Well "one brainless s.o.b.," have u ever looked into the Talmud and what it teaches Jews?--isn't this a logical way to proceed?  Ck and/or for best Talmudic expo.

WHAT would be the basic KEY to any conspiracy?--would it be the money & banking system?  For if u could just (legally) COUNTERFEIT-up all the money u pleased, wouldn't u have supreme power, able to BUY anything and anyone?

And what then would be actual relation of Jews w. this money & banking system?--wouldn't this be reasonable way to proceed for any serious investigation of "conspiracy"?  Tell us, o brainless one who was born without, ho ho ho ho ho ho


And then once u verified these overall conceptual consideration(s) regarding "conspiracy"--NOW one looks at actual facts--in order to verify the theory, right?--this is the scientific method, eh?

And when u look, u see all the large corp. CEOs are all Jews (practically), there's 3 of 9 Sup. ct. justices who are kikes--probably a 4th (Soto-Mayor) who's a crypto, goes along w. the Jewwy program regardless.

7 of 11 places on US National Security Council are Yids--is this a little dis-proportionate?
All the NSA info goes to Israel FIRST--didja know that?

Israel got problemos w. Iraq--get the goyim of Jew S A to go over and kill 'em, eh?

Israel wants to take Palestinians' land, hey Jew S A arms and supplies Israel--is that POWER?

Who totally owns/controls the Jews-media?  Ho ho ho hoo--take a guess.

So tell us "one-without-a-brain," if it ain't kikes, do u think it's those sneaky eskimos?--u utter moron.  Ho ho ho ho ho ho


And so, in conclusion, following the scientific method, beginning in INDUCTION, same as for police investigators, all the particular details considered, including "CUI BONO?" (who benefits?), and as Sherlock Holmes instructs--once u've eliminated the impossible (like eskimos), the remainder is necessary solution set.

In other words, "one-born-brainless," everything considered, DON'T THE KIKES HAVE TO PROVE THEY'RE NOT prime suspects?  Tell us.

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