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Thursday, January 29, 2015

ZOG shill for Sandy hoax makes 8 1/2 min vid about yellow spot, ho ho ho ho

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Keith Makes Small Pt., Still Fails
(Apollonian, 22 Jan 15)

Good Lord, Keith--a whole 8 1/2 min vid for speculating about Doom's well-taken observation/speculation on the yellow spot for DHS vehicle?--ho ho ho ho.  But u might be right, Keith, one must admit, and Doom might be wrong--it could go either way.  U actually haven't proven anything, even for ur small pt., not to mention ur larger pt.s in support of ZOG murderers.

But Keith, here's where WE'RE NOT WRONG, buddy: (a) There's NO EVIDENCE--none--that there was shooting or anyone was killed, no bodies, no blood, no pictures--and this is what u desperately keep trying to get away fm.  U rather want people to take ZOG's word--and there's no excuse for that. 

(b) There's lots of evidence, regardless of ur spinning, it was drill and then false-flag psy-ops used for attempted and on-going overthrow of US Constitution, beginning w. the utter lack of appropriate emotional affect of the "players."  Then there are ALLLLLL the other anomalies, "Adam" (for whom there's little evidence of any existence) being marked dead on the 13th, along w. all the donation web-sites going up even before the event.

(c) And why are the criminal "authorities" refusing to give out w. info that belongs to the citizens and tax-payers?--because they're engaged in COVER-UP--that's why--and that's why u lie and shill for these criminal traitors, Keith--that's not "name-calling"--it's what u're doing and what's going-on.

(d) And Keith, don't doubt--it's a legitimate and well-taken question as to WHY that DHS vehicle is there.  U speculate and opine, but Doom is quite justified for his conclusion despite any observations u adduce.

And remember Keith, it's an INDUCTIVE argument, investigation, and issue; that is, we can only begin and work at first w. items, built upon other items and details, all these items, details, and tid-bits building-up, fm which we conclude--get it?--INDUCTION (generalization), given the particulars and observations.  That's why we value Prof. Doom--he's BRILLIANT observer/perceiver--u just don't like his conclusions and/or speculations and u nit-pick his observations--that's what's going on here.

And there's still lots other evidence and observations, Keith--WHERE are (or were) the HUNDREDS other "students" who were supposed to be there at Sandy hoax?--u just IGNORE that item, along w. all the others, aside fm ur lame and half-baked excuses.

So u see, Keith, we real truthers are working fm absolute strength and secure basis--u and ZOG have yet to prove there ever was a shooting or dead kids, etc.--we demand proof, and u HAVE NONE--NONE WHATSOEVER--u merely say we should take ZOG's word.  And like corrupt lawyer, u try to "spin" things for ur beloved ZOG.  U suck, sucker.

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