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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Honesty: absolutely necessary element/part of Holy Spirit, never doubt....

[QUOTE=ytkm;535996]I haven't found or heard any other simple reference from any other source.
Those I have mentioned it to (who should know) have been dumbfounded.
 The 'good/bad' dialectic is cruel.[/QUOTE]

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Honesty: Necessary Christian Virtue Of Holy Spirit Which Sublimely Mediates Reason--Be Honest Regardless Of Anything Else
(Apollonian, 8 Feb 15)

Well, remember Christ spoke in the time when the Pharisees (along w. upper-class Sadducees) were dominant, who made such heavy use of "good-evil" and self-righteousness, SO how then did Christ handle the problem?

Thus u see how he was philosophical, explaining how we're all sinners, no one being "good"--esp. not scummy lying Pharisees.  St. Paul later expanded upon this, emphasizing how we absolutely need, and can't do without God's saving grace.

Further, Christ emphasized HONESTY as integral, necessary component to Holy Spirit--and it's that HONESTY that was such main msg of Christ.  Kikes are "smart"; Christians are HONEST.  So, long as u keep ur eye on that honesty, u can keep the "good-evil" dichotomy pretty well in hand.

Thus Christianity has been Judaized in at least THREE main ways: (a) fools imagine that Christianity rejects reason in favor of mysticism, esp. by the excuse of a Judaized understanding of "faith" (b).  For Christian "faith" really and properly only means LOYALTY--not not not "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'."

(c)  And then, of course, Judaization affects Christianity, as we see, by means of this horrific, putrid Pelagian heresy, fallacy of a perfectly "free" human will, which then leads to Pharisaism--self-righteousness, sanctimony, etc.

For Holy Spirit is reason which is integral w. HONESTY; reason grossly perverted when it's without honesty--as we see by satanists called Jews who always insist they're soooooooooooooooo "smart"--and utterly without any honesty.

For it's actually better to be HONEST, regardless how smart one is or isn't.

Thus given this absolute necessity and virtue of honesty, for Holy Spirit, one can then grasp and understand the mere metaphorical quality of "good-evil" and explain it to the youth--and even for those not so terribly bright, as long as they're honest, they will realize it's far BETTER to be HONEST, regardless of anything else, including being "smart" or "good"--typical conceits and presumptions of classic Pharisaists, the Pharisees actually being best negative examples--what we consciously want to avoid--what we rightly hate and despise--for these Pharisaists and Pharisaism are what killed truth (= Christ), the very moral to the New Test. story/literature.

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