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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Christianity is that general thing, properly understood, which then provides for any other cultural progress, productivity, rule-of-law, freedom, etc....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Integral Cultural Progress Must Be Basis Of Political Reform For Good, Production, Law, Freedom, Etc.
(Apollonian, 8 Feb 15)

Well JR, it took u long enough for resting-up for vacation. The way I see the present cultural struggle and conflict is fm most simple perspective first, Christian truth vs. satanic lies, the Jews foremost masterminds in leadership of satanists.

And before u protest u want to keeping things rationalistic, note Christian and satanist are mere names referring to opposed philosophic sides, Christians heeding the objective, hence determined reality, there being no "good-evil"; the satanists, led by Jews insisting upon the subjectivist, manipulating folks by chief means of fallacious, hereticalist "good-evil" delusion.

Note then satanists have gone beyond pt. of no-return, and that means they must get us all involved in war--this as means of diversion--in order to muddy the waters as US Dollar collapses and prices sky-rocket, the people starving, un-able to buying sufficient food.

So even without I-net, people must commune w. one another by means of Christian philosophy, relying upon state and local gov. against the satanic feds. Thus Constitution, rule-of-law, and individual freedom follow fm the Christian, objective reality philosophy as fascism flows fm the Judaic subjective.

But present Christianity must be clarified and in many cases reformed fm the tainted Judaization whence Christianity is understood as something mystic (a), "faith" understood in the Judaic manner of "beleeeeeeeeevin'" rather than the real, proper Christian LOYALTY (b), and hence (c) the Judaic reification of fictional, metaphoric "good-evil" heresy/delusion which has such devastating effect upon psychology of guilt-ridden youth.

Otherwise, satanism, hence mysticism and irrationalism continues to advance as we see by the recent grammy awards "entertainment" which emphasized such satanic mysticism and irrationalism, not to mention the "super bowl" half-time entertainment of Katy Perry, et al.

Note individual freedom, the free press, fair election process and such-like virtues cannot be impressed upon the broad population without the accompanying religious-style symbolism--precisely why such religion must be so carefully defined and understood. Satanists led by Jew monsters must be understood as the deserving enemy and duly dealt with.

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