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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ISIS/ISIL are just paid thugs, murderers/assassins by ZOG serving as excuse for illegal invasions, overthrow of US Constitution....

Below-copied essay by ap in reply to essay first published at

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ISIS/ISIL Just Manifestation Of Real Satanist/Jew/JC Axis
(Apollonian, 17 Feb 15)

Vorlos: this "voxday" is nothing but satanistic propagandist, paid liar for Jews. For what's happening is simply Jews/ZOG here in Jew S A are paying ISIS/ISIL, hired thugs, w. "musselman" cover, to go in and kill folks, including Christians--and it's all used as pretext for more ZOG-instigated warfare and taking of the citizens' rights--very simple.

It can't be too much emphasized that three is no musselman problem--all the musselmen imported to West and USA has been product of ZOG satanists and Jews, pure and simple.

Note how the satanist pushes the usual Pharisaic emotional buttons about "tolerance is 'evil'"--for which, to be sure, there's surely a grain of truth. For "tolerance" of Jews is surely the original error, but there's just as surely no such thing as "evil," this merely being Pharisaism and sanctimony, the neo-cons and Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heretics' stock-in-trade.

The big-lie is idea ISIS/ISIL is product of anything other than kikes and their co-conspirators, esp. the JCs, though so many of these JCs are such brainless, hereticalist morons.

Problem then is Jews (a), and then (b) their foremost suck-alongs and cohort co-conspirators, the JCs who out-number the "leftists" (like queers, et al.), JCs intimidating practically ALL the other nominal "Christians" in Jew S A.

In broadest conceptual terms, one should say it's satanism (worship of lies, subjectivism) vs. the true Christians (worshippers of TRUTH, honesty), Jews foremost subjectivists and Satanists, JCs their primary "enablers"/cohorts. To solve the Jew problem requires treatment of the JCs--which is quite do-able by means of preaching the true Christianity.

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