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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Jewwy "advanced thinking," considered, analyzed, debunked, ho ho hoho....

Below-copied essays first published at comments,

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Human Truth Or satanic Subjective?
(Apollonian, 27 Dec 14)

WTF?--"enemy of the human" (see below-copied)?--isn't that the satanic, by definition?  So what's "satanic"?--it's HUBRIS and extreme subjectivism as Jews feature, saying (for example) Torah only means what Jews (Talmud, "midrash," and "Oral-law") say it means--subjectivism, upon which is built all lies.  For what is a lie?--it's something subjective, not true according to the objective, represented as being the real thing.  Jews then are necessarily the CORE of the "globalist" tyrants, as Alex Jones, says.

So the human is according to truth, hence objective reality against lies founded in subjectivism, which subjectivism this article, above, wants to push, justify, and glorify, actually ("all knowledge is provisional").  It only then brings up question as to what is "knowledge"?

So is reality itself objective or "provisional"?--it's subversive, Jew-friendly article, trying to get away fm question of reality, moving to things being all "perspective" (subjectivism).

---------------------------above by ap in reply to below-copied----------------------------

anamonarchy > apollonian  • 4 hours ago 
The Jews fill the air with so much "opinion" mental masturbation bullshit. The true freedom movement is identifying the real enemy of the human, not trying to reestablish the jew freemasonic republic and worshipping their "legal" document aka the constitution . One leads to freedom the other will lead to the same demons in power.

------------------------above in response to below-copied-----------------------

This Article: DEBUNKED
(Apollonian, 27 Dec 14)

Gee whiz: it must have been really smart Jew who thought-up all this brilliance for this article. Imagine--it isn't enough to be a THINKER, one needs to be a "free"-thinker, ho hoo ho ho ho. Here, below are just a few critical thoughts for this article:

(a) "Creative" thinking?--isn't there first something called, thinking? Ho hoo ho

(b) "Herd thinking"?--is that like Jews who believe they're masters of God, which God is their slave who comes down and kills the Jews' enemies for them--as Jews literally celebrate at Passover--this devil they call God who murdered the first-born of the non-Jews--these "first-born" who weren't old enough to have done the Jews (actually the Israelites) any harm. Another Jew holiday of mass-murder they celebrate is "Purim" whence they murdered the anti-semites of Persia.

(c) Yessir: "perspective is key"--which means ANYTHING GOES, whatever u want to be true is true, and false is whatever u like too--just imagine a diff. "perspective," ho ho ho ho ho. Humans are actually God; all u gotta do is change ur "perspective," by golly, and black is suddenly now white, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

(d) Items 4, 5, and 6, are actually just mere variations of preceding item 3, so let's get to item 7 regarding perception: so what is perception?--isn't simply what we see fm reality. After all, Christ assures us in Gosp. JOHN there's such thing as TRUTH (14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8), and didn't Christ free us (potentially) fm tyranny of murdering Pharisees who later wrote up the satanic Talmud? Isn't that the story of New Test.?--Pharisees hate TRUTH (= Christ), so they murdered Christ, imagining they murder any truth they don't like. But truth cannot be killed, it resurrecting, as at Easter.

So u see, this article is surely written by some Jew, purpose being to persuade morons that humans are God (HUBRIS), and that there is no truth but what u want it to be--what they call, "creative thinking." Jews suck.


Jews Suck
(Apollonian, 27 Dec 14)

Well, here's one thing I've found to be ALWAYS true: and that is that Jews suck, and they ought to be exterminated. Of course, even if Jews were successfully exterminated, they'd surely rise-up again--a bunch of devil-worshipping psychopaths who insist they have the right to murder and lie to gentiles, all in accord w. their monstrous Talmud--ck it out for Talmudic analysis at and

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